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Everything you need for uptime monitoring

50 checks at 1 minute interval

Monitor your website for free and get notified instantly when your website goes down

Keep an eye from 10 global locations

Ensure your website is available from anywhere in the world with monitoring from 10 global locations.

5 Public Status Pages to show uptime or incidents

Display your website uptime history to your customers with free public status pages

Multiple monitoring options

Monitor HTTP/HTTPS, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP, Web socket or DNS. Whatever you’re building we’ve got you covered.

Multi-channel alerting 

Receive alerts wherever you are. Integrate Freshping with Freshdesk, Slack, Twilio, Skype, and Webhook to receive instant downtime notifications

Reports & Analytics

Get weekly updates and measure your website's performance with metrics like Apdex score, Average response time, Individual Response Time & more.

Realtime status badges

Showcase your website status right from your homepage

Display your website’s uptime history and current status by embedding realtime Status Badges on your webpage.

Display your website’s uptime history and current status of your website with Realtime Status Badges.

String and status check

Enjoy deeper control with String and Status code check

Don’t limit yourself to a single status code. Monitor for a specific status code or a specific string in your website.

Advanced monitoring with String & Status code check

Custom Headers Check

Monitor URLs with Custom Headers and basic authentication

You don’t have to leave any URL behind. Get through the basic web authentication and custom HTTP Headers to monitor your critical web resources.

Monitor URLs with Custom Headers and basic authentication

SSL Monitoring

Never let your SSL certificate expire

Monitor your SSL certificate for expiry with Freshping and never risk your brand’s reputation.

Get SSL certificate expiry alerts

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