Why should you be excited about  Freshping 2.0?

Showcase reliability on your website with real-time badges

Freshping now offers real time badges that can display both your website’s historic uptime and the current status together or one of them of your choice. With the badge on your homepage, your customers do not need to check a separate status page to know your website’s uptime performance. 

P.S: You can get badges for free. Reach out to us and we'll help you with that

Monitor for specific status codes and response strings

If you want to consider the website as up only if it contains a particular string or vice versa, Freshping checks for that string and alerts you accordingly. Similarly, you can mark certain HTTP status codes as up or down. For example, if you are taking your website off for maintenance and you don’t want its corresponding status code 503 to be considered as down by Freshping, exclude it. This way you can monitor your sites for specific strings and enjoy deeper control over monitoring. 

Monitor authenticated URLs with custom headers and basic authentication

For business in the online world, some of the crucial resources are not meant to be accessible to all and is protected with user authentication.

With Custom Headers, you can now monitor URLs in their own environment. For example,  use  “User-Agent” header to force the webpage to serve (and hence monitor) specific content. And with Basic Authentication, monitor your authenticated websites or URLs without losing security.


Your SSL certificate never expires, as we alert you in advance

Forgetting to renew the SSL certificate on time can happen to anyone and it will cause a huge dent on your brand's reputation and business. Customers don't trust a site that doesn’t take website security seriously. Therefore now entrust the task of monitoring SSL certificate expiry with Freshping and we will alert you well in advance before the certificate's expiry and help you keep your website’s trustworthiness high always.

Get started with FREE forever features

50 checks at 1 minute interval

Monitor up to 50 URLs at one minute intervals each for Free


5 Free Public Status Pages

Communicate your incidents in detail to your customers with free public status pages


Monitor from 10 Global Locations

Your URLS are monitored from across the globe. Stay available for your users wherever they are

Multi user login

Manage as a team. Add up to 10 members to manage your checks. 

6 month data retention

Get better insights on your websites’ performance as your incident log is maintained for a period of 6 months 


Multi-channel integrations

Receive alerts on the go by integrating with Slack,Twilio,Skype,Webhook, and Freshdesk

Multiple Monitoring Options 

Monitor HTTP(S) URLs, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP ports, web socket or DNS.Whatever you’re building we’ve got you covered


Weekly Reports

Understand how the week went for your web services with a detailed weekly report that is sent to all users


Response Time Analytics

Understand your website's performance with advanced metrics like Apdex score, Average response time, Individual Response Time etc