Trust is a two-way street


Be it downtime or degradation or schedule maintenance, when your services are affected you hold the power to turn them into a positive wholesome customer experience.


Open a dialogue

Prevent an overflow of support requests and questions, by keeping your customers informed of the situation. Transparency helps people know that you care!


Share Data

Users want to know when a service failure occurs, so provide them what they want with Freshping’s public status pages


Build Trust

By publicly displaying your service status, you show current and potential customers that you mean business when it comes to maintaining website uptime.

Utilize the power of Freshping’s Website Monitoring

When website downtime or degradation strikes, it is good to be the first to know. Freshping checks your website and web endpoint status, 24/7, alerting you the moment a problem has been confirmed.



Select the Checks

Add and display any number of individual or grouped websites, servers, and web services currently being monitored within your Freshping Website Monitoring account.

select the checks select the checks



Configure a Custom Domain

Configure a custom domain for your status page, and make sure that what your users see is 100% authentic.

configure a custom domain configure a custom domain



Give your users the complete picture 

Provide a deeper insight of availability, performance of your website and historical uptime for the last 90 days, all the way through to the month your check was created.

give your users the complete picture give your users the complete picture

Customize your Public Status Page

Your Public Status Pages are your canvas. Give your public status page your own, unique touch,  with options designed to help you match your branding, including: custom logo and header text.



Unique URLs

Each Public Status Page gets a unique URL. With unique URLs, it makes it really easy for you to share your website’s status with your audience. You can create upto 5 Public Status Pages for different audiences, SLAs, or customers.

unique urls unique urls



Embed Your Data Anywhere

Flaunt your current service status with a badge embedded on your website. Whether services are up or if some are facing downtime, the status displayed on the badges will change in real-time. Or, contact a Freshping support representative, and we’ll work with you to customize the appearance of your public status page.

embed your data anywhere embed your data anywhere