Getting started



50 Checks

Additional checks cannot be added


  • 50 checks
  • 5 Public status pages

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Perfect for small teams

$ 11

per month/billed annually

60 Checks

Additional checks can be added

Everything SPROUT and...

  • Request timeout
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Custom header
  • Basic Authentication
  • String response & status check
  • Alert when down for X mins
  • SSL expiry alert

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Best value for large teams

$ 72

per month/billed annually

100 Checks

Additional checks can be added

coming soon

Everything in GARDEN and...

  • Maintenance window
  • SMS alerting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance alerting
  • Customize slack notification
  • SSL for custom domain

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Every additional 10 checks - $8 billed annually

Email and chat support are included with all plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I monitor my site?

Today, Most people discover your product online and in many cases, the product itself is hosted on the web. It has never been more important to keep your website up 24x7.

How many checks are possible with Freshping’s free plan?

You could monitor up to 50 checks at a 1-minute interval in Freshping’s free plan. If you need more monitors, please contact us.

What type of Monitors available in the Freshping’s free plan?

Web Socket

How many status pages are included in the free plan?

Freshping’s free plan comes with 5 branded public status pages.

Can I remove the branding from the status page?

Sorry. You’ll not be able to manage the appearance (removing Freshping branding) from status pages.

What is the Apdex score?

Apdex = Website loading time / Expected or Acceptable loading time.
An apdex score is a metric that reveals whether your website loads within the expected time. For example, if your apdex threshold is 500ms, Apdex is 1 if the website loads before 500ms.

What is a public status page?

A public status page communicates the status and performance of your site to customers and prospective leads. Status page acts as the SSOT for status of your website’s uptime.

What are the various user access levels?

Admin - Can add, edit and delete checks. View reports and add integrations.
Read-only - Can view check dashboard and report.
Contact - Receives alert when the status of the associated check (website monitor) changes

How many users can log in to Freshping simultaneously?

Up to 30 users can log in to Freshping simultaneously. Multi-user access feature is available on Freshping’s free plan.