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Freshping vs UptimeRobot - A Snapshot

Freshping is totaly free for monitoring 50 URLs every minute. 
5 Public status pages, in-depth weekly reports, Multi-user login with team collaboration and monitoring from 10 global locations.

50 Monitors at 1 minute intervals


Paid Plan

Multi-user login


Realtime Alerts on multiple channels


Data Retention

3 Years

24 Months

Custom note with alerts


Weekly report


Reasons to move from UptimeRobot

to a clean and reliable alternative

50 uptime monitoring check at

one-minute interval for free

Most small business when they start to look out for a website monitoring tool, they check out the free tools or the free plan of a premium tool. But, in most cases, neither of these choices cover the bare minimum features required to run the business smoothly. Here Freshping and Uptime Robot both offer 50 checks under their free plan. While Uptime Robot’s free plan has no feature apart from maintaining your 2 months of log, Freshping with its intent to help small businesses offers a myriad of features for free. Uptime Robot monitors at only 5-minute intervals while Freshping checks every minute in its FREE plan itself.

free UptimeRobot alternative free UptimeRobot alternative

Collaborate with your team with multi-user login

Multi-user login is an essential feature of a website monitoring tool because no matter how small a business is, one person cannot be always up there to manage an incident.  Uptime Robot doesn’t allow multi-user login only in any of its plans. Wouldn’t it be better if more members of your team to configure and manage your website monitoring and downtime alerts? That’s why Freshping’s FREE uptime monitoring plan offers multi-user login up to 30 users. Handling downtimes and monitoring many of your websites and APIs should happen with ease with your team’s help than being forced by Uptime Robot to do everything by yourself.

Free UptimeRobot alternative Free UptimeRobot alternative

More reasons to switch to Freshping

Fresh and intuitive design

Monitoring begins with one click and managing the service needs no special skill or learning effort.

Weekly report

Understand your website performance and incidents and downtime over the week 

Downtime alerts via multiple channels

Receive instant downtime notifications via multiple channels like slack, sms, email etc. 

No false alerts

Customers testify for the alert accuracy which attests to Freshping’s false alert proof design