Why Do You Need a Manufacturing CRM Software?


Any product you see has been manufactured somewhere in the world. There is a complex yet magical process involved in transforming mere raw material into unique products. But post that, we know getting the manufactured product into the consumer’s hands is a tedious process.  

Between a long chain of distributors/retailers and complex sales cycles, you and your sales and marketing teams must understand the distributors’ and consumer requirements, forecast demand accurately, and manufacture products accordingly. 

With the extensive tools and consumer data available today, this is very much possible. But the problem arises when this data is fragmented across different systems, even when using ERP systems. This is usually because different teams use various tools, causing internal data silos, low adoption rates, unorganized data, etc. 

Ultimately, it doesn’t give you the clarity needed for smart decision-making and results in a disconnected customer experience.

In such a scenario, what is the best way for manufacturers to include customer-centricity in every aspect of their business process?

One way is to adopt a CRM software for the manufacturing industry.

Why Freshsales is Well-Suited for Manufacturers

Freshsales CRM is an AI-powered CRM solution for manufacturing companies with sales and marketing automation in one platform. It helps businesses in manufacturing grow by working hand-in-hand with sales and marketing teams to generate powerful insights. Freshsales is


Easy to use

A straight forward interface doesn’t make users wander around the software and drives adaptability. With the right data entered in the system, you get the most accurate reports. 

Powered by AI

Multi-purpose AI-powered assistant Freddy provides timely recommendations that enable smart decision-making. This helps sell faster and better.


With the pay as you grow plan, you only pay for features that you would use. This makes it perfect for small businesses, as well as mid-market or enterprise organizations.

Recommended by leading industry experts

What do you get with Freshsales?


Understand your audience with a unified view

Freshsales, designed for the manufacturing industry, unifies the three most used channels into one platform—phone, chat, and email. Every interaction you have with your distributors through these channels and their ongoing deals are captured and stitched together in a single screen.

For example,

  • Understand how an interested distributor entered your system and the webpages they’ve visited using website tracking
  • View their past activities with your company, their interactions with your salespeople over email, phone, chat, or direct meetings
  • Get to know their past purchase orders or which stage of the buying process they are currently in
  • Add notes relevant to each prospect, setup tasks and appointments, and upload necessary files right within the CRM.


Contact landing page


And more! So, in a single scroll, you will know a distributor’s industry, the clients they have, the budget they require, the kind of products they purchased in the past, and their ongoing deals.

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Strengthen engagement with personalized communication

With the information about your end-consumers, potential dealers, and distributors, you can personalize your outreach by contextually engaging based on their interests. With a manufacturing CRM like Freshsales, you can

  • Segment your ever-growing contact list based on demography, geography, industry, behavior
  • Run hyper-personalized campaigns for target industries and end-users and drive more sales
  • Set up nurture journeys for interested distributors and dealers by sending newsletters and emails about products that might interest them
  • Eliminate cart abandonment by triggering transactional emails to interested prospects that will always land in their inbox
  • Create sales sequences for your existing dealers to follow-up and close deals quickly
  • Close the circle between marketing and sales by sending the qualified leads, deals, and accounts directly to the right sales team from within the CRM.

See how you can set your entire customer journey


CRM jouney templates

Streamline your sales process with automation

Freshsales allows you to streamline your sales process in three simple steps.

  • When an interested dealer visits your website, you can capture their attention and engage with them using a chatbot or get their details using webforms. Now, their details are sent straight to your CRM, eliminating any manual entry.
  • Next, with automated territory management, you can auto-assign leads to relevant salespeople in a round-robin manner.
  • Your salespeople can then identify, prioritize, and qualify the most interested prospects using predictive contact scoring by AI-powered assistant Freddy.
Chat bot in CRM


Your salespeople also go back and forth between distributors, dealers, or retailers every day. You can ease up their work by creating workflows that operate like clockwork. For example, when a distributor does not answer your call, a reminder can be automatically set to follow up with them the next day.

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Have a bird’s eye view of every product and deal

Get all the details related to products in a unified view, with associated pricing, product descriptions, discount structures, etc., by configuring your unique product catalog. 

With a manufacturing CRM like Freshsales, you can stay on top of all your deals for every product by creating multiple pipelines. This allows you to

  • Create unique sales pipelines based on regions, projects, or products.
  • Customize individual stages for each pipeline
  • Visually see how your deals are advancing dynamically.

CRM deal stages


The powerful AI assistant, Freddy, marks deals with tags such as “Likely to close”, “At-risk”, “Gone cold”, and suggests the next best action to take for each deal to drive it to closure.

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Make better business decisions with valuable insights

Real-time sales and marketing reports make it easy to identify bottlenecks and find reasons for lost deals. With a manufacturing CRM like Freshsales, you can understand

  • Which sources are you getting the most leads from
  • Which products are selling the best, and which ones you need to stop manufacturing
  • Who are your high-paying distributors/dealers
  • How many contracts are you winning every year
  • Which region or industry are you getting the most contracts from
  • How are your sales teams performing?


Reports dashboard


Track and compare these and more metrics right within the CRM with reports and dashboards. 

Check out the sales and marketing reports

Get one step closer to your customers and win more business 

With Freshsales, get complete, end-to-end visibility into your distributors’ and retailers’ journey. Using this information, you can be proactive in building better products, collaborating with different teams, targeting the right industries, and tailoring your messaging accordingly. This not just helps boost your revenue but also creates an edge over your competitors by always staying two steps ahead in the game.  

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