Kickstart your business with unlimited users, records, and built-in phone using Freshsales CRM

Freshsales and Zoho CRM compete head-to-head in pricing. But when it comes to a robust system and responsive customer support, Zoho CRM may not be the ideal choice to grow and scale your business.

If you’re looking for a Zoho CRM alternative that enables your sales team to reduce manual work, automate tasks, and be more productive, look no further.

Freshsales vs. Zoho CRM—A snapshot

Lowest-priced plan / user / month (billed monthly) $19 $18
Lowest-priced plan / user / month (billed annually) $12 $12
Highest-priced plan / user / month (billed annually) $79 $100
Freemium option Yes (unlimited users) Yes (only upto 3 users)
Free phone support Across all plans Only for paid plans
Built-in phone Yes No
Lead scoring by property, website, and in-app Yes No

Note: Data as of 11th October 2018

4 reasons why Freshsales is the best alternative to Zoho CRM

Free unlimited plan for startups

Both Freshsales and Zoho CRM offer a freemium plan, but Freshsales is a more favorable choice of free CRM. Here’s why. Freshsales gives you unlimited users, unlimited records, and unlimited support. So if you’re a startup with more than three users, Zoho CRM will limit your capabilities. Additionally, with the Freshsales free plan, you can get access to free built-in phone, lead scoring, integrations, and many more features to grow your business. And, when it’s time to scale, easily switch to a higher plan without losing your data.

One hassle-free package

Built-in phone saves you money

Telephony capability in CRM is a critical feature for sales reps who are tasked with calling leads day in, day out. It’s not only a handy feature but also a powerful one as it lets you know of the customer communication history. Freshsales comes with a built-in phone that automatically logs calls in the CRM in addition to a host of other capabilities—recording, masking, transfer, voicemail, and welcome message. In contrast, Zoho CRM does not have a built-in phone. You can integrate it to third-party phone apps, but this means extra cost. With Freshsales, make phone calls in one-click without any hassle directly from the CRM.

One hassle-free package

Get context before you sell

According to an research, 46% of B2B sales reps list lead quantity and quality as their top challenge. Why? Because they don’t have a lead scoring system. Sales teams must learn the importance of data-driven strategies to score leads intelligently and customize the plan of action. Freshsales helps you prospect better through AI-powered lead scoring built into the CRM. The feature scores leads based on their characteristic (like job title, location) and behavior (like replied to email, clicked link) allowing sales reps to instantly identify sales-ready leads to target and nurture cold ones. You can also track a customer’s activity on your website and in-app. Zoho CRM lacks the capability to score leads beyond property or track in-app events. Freshsales gives a 360-degree view of your lead giving sales reps the context at every point in their buying journey.

One hassle-free package

Increase productivity with automations

With Freshsales you can automate routine tasks to improve your sales process efficiency while improving the productivity of your sales team. What’s advantageous about using Freshsales compared to Zoho CRM is that in Freshsales, automations like sending drip or sales campaigns is already part of the CRM plan. Whereas in Zoho CRM, for advanced email marketing you have to get a separate tool. Using Sales Campaigns in Freshsales, automate your email follow-ups and call reminder actions with the classic method and personalize your campaigns at every stage based on the lead’s activity using the smart method.