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Personalize conversations this Black Friday for everyone around the world

Written by on November 13, 2017

It was holiday season and my friend Becca wrote to me from Hong Kong, and well, she sent me a postcard! It was heartening to see a quaint piece of paper arrive in my letter box, and surprising, because ‘who sends a postcard these days’? 6 years ago! She did that out of friendship.

My friend’s postcard to me from Hong Kong

She learnt how to say ‘hello’ in Chinese, and began her letter with Ni Hao, and floored me. The unexpected arrival of her postcard is the perfect example of proactive communication! She gave me context by saying ‘the star on the picture is where the ship was docked’, personalized it for me by explaining how the city looks and where it’s situated, and ended it by saying she’s going to visit me in India soon, expecting me to reply to her message, leaving room for more conversation.

Cut to 2017, and we have chat tools on websites. Processes are automated, and people are fervently scouring the internet for content, engagement, shopping, eating, playing games, building apps, and what not. As you close in on the holiday season, you can expect your website to see a surge in traffic with numerous requests. Businesses across the world with diverse linguistic capabilities may visit your website and you need to make sure that conversations are struck on the right note.

Would it just be enough if you, as a website knew who was coming from where? Wouldn’t you also have to personalize conversations?

With personalization becoming the order of the day we thought of putting out an info map that gives you an idea on saying “Hello” in a native language.

Psst.. This is a quick cheat sheet to get closer to prospects and customers. Even more useful if you’re an e-commerce site.

say hello to people from africa
Did you know people from the Africas spoke in nearly 2000 languages? Here’s a few for you
say hello to people from north america
Hello! Welcome to North America, a mix of immigrants and citizens who still speak more English than any other language


say hello to people from europe
Hola! The European Union has 23 officially recognised languages. Bonjour, mes amis!


hello australia
‘Good eye mate’, is actually Australian pronunciation for ‘G’day mate’. Yes, Australia has NO official languages.


say hello to people from asia
‘Ni Hao’, or ‘Selamat Pagi’? Greet your website visitors in Asia, in the language that they’d love to hear!

All set? Let’s get goin’ already!

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