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Triggered messages

Reach out to visitors before they lose interest in your site. Schedule triggered messages that engage visitors and users and drive conversations. Use segments, events, and user properties to send contextual message at the right moment and communicate proactively.

In-app campaigns

Be the advocate your customer needs at all times. Use Freshdesk Messaging to communicate with customers inside your product - onboard new users with tutorials, receive feedback from existing users, drive feature adoption with announcements, and re-engage with lapsing users with customer success stories.


Say goodbye to pre-chat forms and minimize chat drop off rates. Allow the bots to exchange pleasantries and generate leads to help your team focus on high impact conversations. Save your visitors the burden of manual forms, and set the right response time expectations when the team is offline.

Customized bot workflows

You get to direct the way the bot interacts with your visitors. Work on bot messaging and create workflows for different scenarios to help your bot sound empathetic and personal.

Bot Workflows Bot Workflows

Additional features

Events and User Properties

Understand your users and their behavior before talking to them. Capture events like feature usage, event attributes like value of the product added to the cart, or name of the report downloaded, and user properties, to observe patterns for customers who reach out, and create highly granular targeted messages from the insights.

People Segmentation

Create segments to group users based on their geography, site navigation, product usage, or other user properties. Use these segments to pick specific users from the People list to experiment with messages before turning them into campaigns.

CRM autoload

Team members can save themselves the trouble of manually uploading lead information on the CRM. The leads collected via the bot get auto-uploaded for sales reps to follow up on them immediately.