Know what makes Freshchat a better alternative to Crisp chat

Freshchat was simply built to delight users, to capture leads, and to reduce drop-offs. Its features are built keeping functionalities and use cases in mind to offer ‘wow’ experiences for both your team and your customers.

Loaded with essential features along with exclusive bells and whistles, our customers believe Freshchat offers better experience, better productivity and better intelligence.

BETTER experience

Make self-service a native experience

Integrated FAQs

Tie your self-service and messaging experience together with Integrated FAQs, empowering your customers to chat with you and browse for solutions at the same time, also deflecting support tickets.

Our Integrated FAQs feature is available on all paid plans.

Streamline conversations for better routing

Message Channels

Categorize conversations within the widget into topic-based channels like billing, support, feedback, promotions, etc. With Message Channels, visitors and users can pick up the subject relevant to their query, and hear back from experts in your team who have been mapped to those channels.

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BETTER productivity

You snooze, you lose

Priority Inbox

Don’t keep your visitors and customers waiting. Discover and respond to conversations that are vital, with filtered views that sort based on time for which responses are due.

The Priority Inbox view presents an ordered list of conversations for your team members to act on messages that need immediate attention.

Don’t rely on reports alone, it may be too late

Real-Time Dashboard

Act on metrics proactively. Our Real-Time Dashboard helps you keep track of the customer experience you are delivering, with updated metrics on your first response time, average response time, and resolution times.

Make data-driven decisions easy with real-time metrics. Know if conversations are waiting to be assigned to team members, or if your teams are overloaded, and unable to respond in time.

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BETTER intelligence

Direct traffic without breaking a sweat


Auto-assign conversations to the right team members based on their current load or even skill levels. IntelliAssign frees your team members from reeling under the pressure of having to periodically pick conversations, or supervisors from having tokeep a tab on which conversations your team members are engaging.

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Empower your team with more context

Smart Plugs

Bring all the context your team needs from external apps and systems right inside the conversation view to help your team support customers smarter.

Smart Plugs are custom integrations that you can pre-configure to push or fetch data from your system, CRM or any other third-party application. It gives you and your team the context you need to have an informed conversation with the customer.

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G2 Crowd separates the men from

the boys

Crisp named 'High Performer in Live Chat Software'

Freschat named 'Leader in Live Chat Software'

G2 Crowd rated live chat software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews), and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence)

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What all apps does Freshchat integrate with?

Freshchat currently integrates with Slack, Facebook Messenger, ClearBit Reveal and also has plugins built for Wordpress and Shopify. Freshchat also seamlessly integrates with both Freshdesk and Freshsales by allowing their support and sales teams to carry the messenger with them inside these apps.

Are there any offers for startups?

Yes, we do offer a custom quote for early stage companies. Write to us at with your messaging needs for us to get back to you with a quote.

How does Freshchat help with missed chats?

With Priority Inbox, team members can get on top of the most urgent conversations by getting a ranked view of messages based on response time due, and thus responding to every vital conversation. Push notifications and summary of unread chats sent to users and leads via email helps keep missed chats at bay.

Does Freshchat have a mobile SDK for users and a mobile app for team members?

Yes. Freshchat's mobile SDK comes with powerful features like in-app chat support, native FAQs, push notifications, multilingual support, team member profile, real-time insights, and more. Freshchat also gives team members the liberty to engage, sell, and support from wherever they are with Android and iOS apps.

What are some of the ways Freshchat can help automate tasks?

Freshchat automates tasks and brings team members closer to their goals in multiple ways. Some of the features that help get more done in lesser time includes Canned responses, Powerful search, Bulk actions, Bulk edits, Private notes, Desktop notifications, Business hours, and IntelliAssign.

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