Use Freshchat to trigger the right messages at the

right moment

Use Freshchat to trigger the right messages at the

right moment

Reduce cart abandonment

Set event conditions to offer discounts, coupon codes, etc. to prevent cart abandonment.

Bring down dropoffs

Tap more deeply into buyers’ intent. Trigger offers based on their behavior.

Nurture likely buyers

Go the extra mile. Offer assisted buying to visitors with high purchase intent.

Send personalized offers

Get the right context. Offer personalized recommendations to customers based on their data.

Be better equipped to talk to your leads

Know leads better

Use ClearBit integration to access a visitor’s company details, contact information, job details, and links to social media profiles to send relevant messages.

Ease their navigation

Preset topic-based Message Channels to guide your leads to the right channel (e.g. shipping details, refund policies, etc.) or map them to the right team.

Route tasks intelligently

Use IntelliAssign to auto-assign high-value leads to the experts or even out chat traffic to agents based on their workload.

Your all-star team can use a reliable bot

Have CRM? Will automate

Say goodbye to pre-chat forms and reduce bounce rate. Let a bot engage and qualify leads and transfer their data to Freshsales CRM.

Be there during offline hours

Be responsive to leads even outside regular business hours. Use interactive bots to exchange pleasantries and nurture leads if all agents are offline.

Add fun to your bot workflows

Decide how the bots interact with your leads. Create workflow scenarios and suitable messaging to sound personal and empathetic.

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