Explore the top 5 reasons why Freshmarketer is the best alternative to Mailchimp

No bells and whistles

While MailChimp is primarily known and used as an Email marketing tool, it has a higher ambition to transition into an all-in-one marketing platform. In its new avatar, it has introduced a slew of features that are complementary to email marketing like landing page builders, forms, automation, etc.

But there are also disparate features, like social ads and retargeting, that customers have to pay for even if they don’t need it. Such features have inflated MC’s pricing by several degrees. Freshmarketer too has complementary features (CRO), but if you use email marketing you would be charged only for that.



Straightforward pricing

Most email marketing tools have redundant plans to only serve as a decoy. They forcibly keep such plans and stuff it with the pointless features to make their higher-priced, usable plan lucrative to buyers. *cough* like Mailchimp’s *cough*. 

Freshmarketer has only two plans- Free Forever and Garden (paid plan). The pricing is totally straightforward and what you pay is directly proportional to the number of contacts you require. 

Real automation

Mailchimp’s automation is good for only simple use-cases, mostly common auto-responders like cart abandonment email. But once you scale beyond a certain extent, Mailchimp’s automation capability would feel massively insufficient. Freshmarketer’s automation, on the other hand, extends way beyond simple auto-responders and can accommodate even complex automation use-cases from welcome emails to elaborate nurturing workflows. 


Economical for SMBs

MailChimp used to be ideal for SMBs but post their recent upgrade almost everything that counts as the value in an email marketing tool is gated behind a jacked-up price. For instance, their advanced segmentation feature is available only in the premium plan which starts at a whopping $299. Likewise, phone support is there only in the premium plan. Their $10 plan lacks bare minimum functionalities which they had initially for free, like custom coded templates, multi-step workflow, delivery by timezone etc. 

Moreover, the $10 plan is slightly misleading, as it is applicable only for 500 contacts. For 10k contacts the same plan is available for $74. 


Best-in-class support 

Mailchimp’s phone support is available only in its premium plan. This indicates that the support you get in Mailchimp is the function of Annual Contract Value. Freshmarketer, on the other hand, doesn’t attribute any revenue to ‘support’ in its pricing. So our support is available 24*5 via email, chat or phone regardless of the plan. 


Feature Comparison

Uncover how Freshmarketer’s robust features fare against Mailchimp
Feature List
Webform tracking
Drag and drop editor
Contact management
Free support
Visual journey builder
Behavioral tracking
Event triggered action
Event triggered messaging
CRM integration
Retargeting ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram)

Pricing Comparison

With Freshmarketer, you get greater value out of your marketing automation efforts at a fraction of Mailchimp's pricing
















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