Découvrez comment les entreprises se sont adaptées pour rester performante malgré la crise du Coronavirus

Se focaliser sur le client en cette période d'incertitude. Mobiliser le travail à distance et garder ses équipes engagées et motivées. Aujourd'hui plus que jamais, les entreprises doivent être en mesure d'offrir un excellent service, que ce soit pour leurs clients ou pour leurs employés, et ceci rapidement et à grande échelle.
Dans le contexte de la pandémie du coronavirus, cette série de vidéos présente la façon dont les entreprises se sont adaptées pour offrir une expérience client et employé exceptionnelle. Vous y découvrirez comment les équipes du support, avec les technologique basées dans le cloud, sont passées au télétravail à domicile, et quels défis elles ont surmontés pour y parvenir avec succès.
Découvrez comment des entreprises comme la vôtre repensent le service client et le support interne pour déclencher un effet "wow !" chez leurs clients, collaborateurs et prospects.

“We took a 500% increase in calls in one week. With Freshdesk Contact Center, my service team were based at home, taking those calls as if they were in the office which was amazing”

See and hear the story from Dune, London.


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dune dune

A robust omnichannel strategy for high street leader Dune is paramount, as shoppers love the convenience of online shopping, but still value the in-store experience.

seasalt seasalt

Delivering excellent customer service via its Cornwall-based support team is always a priority to Seasalt, but even more during current times.

the fa the fa

Having implemented Freshdesk in 2017 they have become a shining example of embracing new technology and innovation within the FA.

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How has Comensura adapted to continue achieving their KPIs even with unprecedented changes to the ways of working for the customer service team.

parcelhub parcelhub

How during times of challenging business environments, technology becomes more important than ever for keeping businesses moving.

bergzeit bergzeit

The company had to streamline support to combat delayed deliveries, return shipments & customer inquiries while working from home.

engel engel

Learn how Engel & Völkers adapted their reporting to better manage their support agents in this time of working remotely.

tas tas

During times of challenging business environments, TAS-CRM Outsourcing has kept their employees and customers happy

help help

How is Helpling is leveraging Freshworks to streamline communications between service providers, customers and their internal support staff.

atrapalo atrapalo

 For Atrapalo, COVID-19 has had a big impact on the customer service operations. Freshdesk has helped the company maintaining a great level of service and face the surge of customer requests being directed towards remote support teams.

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