AI across the customer lifecycle

Freddy integrates with all of Freshworks’ products and enables a better customer experience across every step of the journey. 

Our advanced ML/AI technology frees your bandwidth so you can focus on giving customers what they need.

You can deliver proactive support and make it easier for customers to do business with you. Learn more about how Freddy AI can help if you're a support leader.



Deliver proactive, predictive support.

Empower your team to super-charge customer service.



Acquire, engage, and support customers.

Leverage bots that understand intent. 

Freddy is your personal intelligent assistant 

At Freshworks, we believe every business should have access to AI/ML that is quick to deploy, affordable, and without enterprise complexity or pricing. We are built for every business no matter the size. We employ democratic design principles to build an AI that's an accessible, helpful, and non-threatening “friend” to drive end-user productivity.

AI across the end-to-end customer journey

Freddy AI continuously scans your data and learns from all your customer interactions across marketing, sales, and support. In Freshsales, Freddy enables features like Deal Insights, which helps you focus on the deals most likely to close. In Freshdesk, Agent Assist helps new agents get onboarded quickly and drives consistency of support with a “next-best-action”  structured bot that walks agents through all the necessary steps to resolve an issue.  Omniroute™ is our patented technology that makes it easy to adopt support across multiple channels, making sure that the right ticket is assigned to the right agent at the right time.

Freddy features like Tag Suggester and Thank You Detector automate ticket creation and help agents tell the difference between a previously closed ticket that is being re-escalated or a ticket in which the customer is simply sending a polite thank you. Thank You Detector stops the ticket from being opened again and protects SLAs while reducing distraction to busy agents. Freddy AI is always working in the background, learning new skills to drive sales velocity and support productivity.  

What does Freddy do for you?

Provide compelling insights and predictive intelligence

Discover patterns in your data and insights that aren’t visible to the naked eye. With machine learning algorithms, Freddy allows you to recalibrate your efforts, and get ideas for improvements. For example, Freddy automatically resolves duplicate leads and contacts in the system using text-matching techniques. This helps ensure that the same lead is not processed by different salespeople.

Separate signal from noise


Sifting through huge amounts of data can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Freddy helps you cut through the noise and identify what tasks to prioritize. On support tickets that are resolved, replies like “Thank you”, “Your support is awesome!” and “Out-of-office” reopen tickets and can mess up resolution time metrics. Freddy Thank You Detector can detect whether a reply should reopen a ticket or not. With capabilities like this, Freddy optimizes overall  productivity.

Automate Repetitive Tasks


Freddy AI removes manual effort that slows sales and support professionals down. Almost 60% of a sales person’s time is wasted on manual data entry, while support agents perform repetitive actions like sorting through incoming queries, or just replying to frequently asked questions every day. Freddy can help users using NLP technology when a human agent is not available or even if the lead is of low quality. With repetitive tasks taken out of the workflow, you’ll be able to solve harder problems.

How is Freddy AI different?

Freddy works across the entire customer journey - from prospect to customer success. Freddy AI is always working in the background, learning new skills to drive sales velocity and support productivity. However, Freddy’s capabilities are designed with one thing in mind -- your customers. 

Freshworks’ customer engagement platform is designed to attract, win, and retain customers-for-life and Freddy AI is your team’s super power.

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