Say Hello to Freddy!

Freddy is the Freshworks omnichannel bot, and it’s making self-service more intelligent and helpful for you.

Freddy is an AI entity that is capable of continually learning from both successful human agent interactions and new guides that businesses publish that helps you achieve the above. Building on Freshworks360 - our cross-product customer engagement suite, Freddy can also deliver context across functions, bubbling up information that would help provide customers with an experience they’ll remember.

Freddy learns rapidly.

Enterprises and mid-sized businesses typically have large sets of guides and tutorials, but find it difficult to use this data effectively in their self-service channels. Freddy can read and route customer questions, retrieve customer background, rapidly learn from all the literature available, and be ready to answer questions from customers in minutes.

Freddy is intelligent.

Freddy’s semantic relevance engine discovers key topics from a business’s knowledge base and identifies relationships between these topics. This allows Freddy to automatically infer suitable answers to user queries, learn from the Freshworks records of customer interactions across sales, support and marketing, and automatically reply to queries on email, chat, voice-calls and even social media.

Freddy makes customer engagement seamless.

Based on its fast learning and automated understanding, Freddy builds responses and helps customers find answers faster without the need to interact with human agents. For customers that require human support, Freddy converts queries to tickets and can immediately transfer them to agents for an answer. This demarcation enables sales and support teams to focus on more complex, high-value inquiries.

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