Freddy AI Skills come in many different forms

Freddy AI Skills are out-of-the-box, constantly evolving AI capabilities that include smart automation, deep-data recommendations and insights, and chatbots with intent-driven conversation capabilities.

Freddy AI Skills

Whatever you do, Freddy AI Skills help you do it better

Freddy AI Skills are trained to deliver customized solutions to support, sales and marketing, and IT Service teams.

Skills for CX

Build a human-centered customer engagement platform that delights your customers at every touchpoint.

Skills for CRM

Create a high-performance sales team with deep-data insights, smart recommendations, and automation for mundane sales tasks.

Skills for IT

Transform your self-service experience to improve employee satisfaction and boost agent productivity.

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See how Freddy AI can boost your team's performance

Freddy AI for CX

Automate resolutions with intelligent chatbots powered by Freddy AI and save time for your customers and agents.

Freddy AI for CRM

Enable your sales reps to deliver highly personalized customer engagement with AI-powered actionable insights.

Freddy AI for IT

Empower your IT agents with smart AI recommendations, helping them lower handle times and improved their productivity.

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