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Let’s face it—there’s no business without sales. Sales is the lifeblood of every business, irrespective of its size. It’s a measure of how your business is performing. That explains why having a sales management system is pivotal for your business. While sales management focuses on the application of sales operations, techniques and processes to meet sales objectives, sales pipeline management focuses on one key element—the sales process.

Now, what is a sales pipeline? It is a visual representation of every stage in a sales process so you can easily identify where customers are in the buying journey. Modern sales pipeline management systems help you visualize the number of open deals, status of each deal, expected sales, distribution of deals among sales reps, and more. A superior system like sales CRM software is a great tool to implement for your business because it offers a wealth of information in a snapshot.

Freshsales CRM’s sales pipeline is a visual treat for your pipeline management system. Not only does the CRM software help you focus on your deals across every pipeline in your business, it also allows you to perform a series of actions without having to leave the pipeline.

Define and build your sales pipeline(s)

A sales process defines the way you sell to customers, and pipelines help you break down deals into stages. Because sales processes vary from business to business, having CRM software to accommodate this variety is a fairly obvious requirement. Freshsales CRM lets you customize the sales pipeline for your business by allowing you to define your deal stages. And if you follow different approaches for your services, you can create multiple pipelines and define them too!

Deal Pipeline Management

Get clarity on your deals

Having a sales pipeline management system helps businesses know where their money lies. With Freshsales’s visual pipeline, know the value of your existing deals by stage so you can estimate incoming cash flow and plan your business. Not only that, you can filter and sort deals, save views for quick access and switch between pipelines in just a few clicks. Now you know how much business you’re likely to close in the coming months, spot bottlenecks, and drive them to closure.

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Drag and Drop Feature

Perform actions from your sales pipeline

Staying on top of deals requires some sales efforts—following up with customers, setting up meetings, creating tasks, etc.—so you can successfully win those opportunities and not lose track. In Freshsales, sales pipeline management works in tandem with time management. Your pipeline is not just a visual representation of deals; you also save time in the sales process with action-oriented follow-ups, like connecting with contacts by phone and email, and creating tasks and appointments right from the pipeline view in the CRM software. Color-coded icons help in identifying task status of each deal, and a drag-and-drop interface lets you easily move deals across stages.

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