Conversational AI use cases

The global conversational AI industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% during 2020-25 and currently, chatbots top the use of conversational AI technology. Some of the use cases of conversational AI across industries include,

Benefits of conversational AI

What makes Freshchat the best conversational AI platform?

Conversational AI chatbots that learn

Freshchat’s support and sales bots are built on top of AI and ML that detect the intent of prospects and learn from the questions asked over time.

Intent detection and faster resolutions 

Freshchat’s chatbots understand user intent and instantaneously deliver the right solution to your customers. As a result, customers no longer have to wait in chat queues to get their queries resolved.

Proactive customer engagement

Freshchat allows you to proactively interact with your website visitors based on the type of user (new vs returning vs customer), their location, and their action on your website. That way, you don't have to wait for your customers to initiate a conversation, instead, you can let AI chatbots take the lead in proactive engagement.

Intelligent agent handoff

Our intelligent agent handoff route chats based on the skill level and current chat load of your team members to avoid the hassle of cherry-picking conversations and manually assigning it to agents.

Personalize customer conversations 

Our conversational AI chatbots can pull out customer data from your CRM and offer personalized support and product recommendations. 

Integration with messaging channels and other tools

You can easily integrate our smart chatbots with messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and other tools for a unified support experience.

Real-time insights

With a real-time dashboard and custom reports, you can analyze your chatbot performance against various metrics and optimize it to perform better.

Frequently Asked Questions about Conversational AI