Customer engagement as the engine for growth

The hotel industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, with small hotels expected to grow the fastest. However, the industry is not without its challenges. Rise of hotel aggregators that threaten to take away their customers, changing guest expectations owing to the rising millennial population, and irregular cash flows because of unsold inventory during off-season are emerging as key areas of risk.

To rise above these challenges, you have to stay on top of mind of customers at all times. For this, hotel owners should continuously engage with their customers - providing them with tailor-made discounts and offers, besides information on new launches and expansion in new locations.These elements are absolutely key to building your loyalty program.

In order to initiate a personalized engagement with your customers, you must understand your customers better than your competition. A good CRM can get prospects to think about you and deepens your relationship with them, compelling them to come back to you again and again.

Key challenges faced by the hotel industry

How Freshworks CRM can improve guest experience

Automate manual tasks

With competition on the rise, customer acquisition is a struggle for hotels. Among other things, they need to capture the details of all their potential customers across multiple channels so as to get more leads. Freshworks CRM automatically captures hotel booking inquiries from live chat, email, and web forms. 
The hotel CRM also:

  • Auto-enriches each prospect's details from their social profiles
  • Automatically assigns prospects to the right agent by resort location, preferences, etc., and alerts them via email
  • Tracks and captures the prospect's activities on your website
  • Uses scores, based on buying signals, to surface the best prospects to connect with
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Have personalized relevant conversations

Knowing your customers is key to gaining their trust. Understanding their needs to improve their experience will help you earn their loyalty. Freshworks CRM provides a 360-degree view of your guest information, including their pageviews and interaction on your website, conversation history, and the sales activities performed by your agent — all in a neat chronological order. The holistic view gives your agents the much-needed context to make relevant conversations right from the CRM.

  • Make and receive calls via the built-in phone
  • Create personalized email templates and send bulk emails from the CRM
  • Get real-time email alerts on email opens and clicks

Keep your customers engaged

To keep your customers at the heart of your business, it's not just enough to manage them. You have to also determine who are the most frequent and most valued customers, and develop those relationships. An important value proposition for hospitality industries is turning one-time customers into repeat customers. Keep customers engaged with effective, personalized communication to improve customer retention. With Freshworks CRM, your sales teams can send relevant messages to prospects based on their inquiries, preferences, and position in the buying cycle. 

  • Automate all marketing communication based on prospect activities
  • Send welcome emails to new guests, discount emails for a guest’s birthday, or an SMS for their anniversary
  • Customize series of emails for prospects and convert leads to customers 

 Engage better with customers using sales sequences

Address queries faster

According to research by Accenture, 89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives. A hotel CRM software like Freshworks CRM easily solves this problem by integrating with customer support software. Your sales teams can address the inquiries of guests at the shortest time possible. 

  • Allows sales and service teams to collaborate with each other
  • Provides context for each customer’s query so you don’t have to start from scratch
  • Respond faster to inquiries, thereby increasing guest satisfaction 

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Track metrics effectively 

Hotel CRM software can simplify complicated data into visual reports. You will be able to see historic booking channels, lengths of stays, cancellation patterns, prices paid, etc., in different seasons. 

  • Use standard or custom reports to pull any customer data from the CRM 
  • Schedule reports for your hotel managers and let Freshworks CRM generate these reports automatically 
  • Set up a sales report dashboard where you can view multiple reports on one screen and follow the status of your weekly or monthly bookings 

Analyze sales metrics using sales reports

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