So you’ve put in great effort to create your website and pages to impress your target audience. And, the website generates good traffic. But, how can you understand how well they interact with your website and content? 

This is your next challenge. Sure, you can constantly audit your website and make changes to call-to-action (CTA) or any other visual elements. Basically, this is what you think can make a difference, and it could work. 

Or, you can take a final call on what your visitors prefer and don’t with a visualization tool. 

What is a visualization tool?

A visualization tool enables you to understand your visitors’ activities on your website. These include clicks, scrolls, and even being able to record and view their entire session. 

Why are they important? 

How does a visualization tool impact your business growth? 

Visualizing your visitor’s activities helps you spot common trends about them such as:

  • Which pages they go to

  • The buttons they click on

  • The time they spend on the page

  • Which section they spend the most time on,

and take action quickly. As a result, you can learn precisely what they are looking for and provide that to them. This can help boost sign-ups or even purchases. 

You can also optimize your marketing campaigns with a visualization tool by understanding which ones generate the most traffic and which ones don’t. This helps you get more ROI from your campaigns. 

Freshmarketer helps you visualize your visitor’s actions on your website and pages from end to end.

Acing data visualization for optimal results

View visitor’s actions in real-time and understand their preferences 

See where your visitors click and scroll, which CTAs work and which don’t work with heatmaps. You can then place the CTAs at relevant places to increase conversions. Heatmaps with Freshmarketer allows you to see how users interact based on their location and the device they use. This helps you segment users and optimize your content and tailor your conversations with them accordingly. For example, you could use common phrases specific to their location. This helps your prospects feel more connected to your conversations. 

Learn more about heatmaps 


Playback sessions to improve website engagement

View a replica of your visitor’s complete interaction on your pages with session replay. It records user interactions such as clicks, navigation, keystrokes, taps (if they’re on mobile), and even scrolls. You can then easily access this recording, watch their entire session, or filter out inactivity and view only their actions. Viewing user sessions helps you fix underlying issues on your website, such as load times, and ensure no broken elements. As a result, you can provide a completely seamless browsing experience for your users. 

What’s more, session replay is entirely privacy-compliant, backed with masking measures that do not record sensitive information such as passwords or credit card information. 

Learn more about session replay

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Track your user’s journey to provide a personalized experience

Get a 360-degree view of your contacts, filled with information about the pages they visit, emails they open, forms they subscribe to, campaigns they are a part of, or even how they use your product. You can view this information in chronological order. This helps you provide them a personalized experience since these conversations and campaigns show that you care about their preferences and allows them like your product or service more. 

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