What is Freshdesk Contact Center? Why use this modern cloud phone system. And is it good?

This world is built on top of all the work put in by the ‘Doers’ – the small businesses, the single-employee entrepreneurs, the ‘making-it-big’ freelancers, and the soon-to-be-dreamers; who are trying to make it big in this world. Your roads are often rugged without guidance and wafer-thin margins separating you from your competitors. Usually, the choices you make can create/destroy your journey. An essential part of these choices is the product(s)/tool(s) that you need to convert prospects into your customers for life. 

There are two aspects that differentiate businesses from their competitors — selling in a modern way that goes beyond conventional sales techniques, and offering great customer support. Remember to give your team the best tools available to achieve these goals!

Jonathan Gustafsson, COO & Freshdesk Contact Center User, Marineparts Finland.

Freshdesk Contact Center by Freshworks,  is one such product built for Doers. What is Freshdesk Contact Center?

Freshdesk Contact Center is a modern phone system for sales and support teams. It is completely cloud-based which means you do not need anything more than a web browser and a working internet connection to make or receive phone calls.

Freshdesk Contact Center: The modern phone system

Freshdesk Contact Center helps you engage in conversations with prospects/customers/partners in the most human of all communication channels – voice. It has IVR, Call Recorder, Automatic Call Distributor, Reporting, Service Level Monitoring, and loads of other key phone functionalities. Freshdesk Contact Center was chosen the Summer & Fall Leader – 2019 thanks to the growing number of positive reviews on the G2 Crowd platform.

More than 6000(currently active) businesses use Freshdesk Contact Center to make and receive their phone calls.  Freshdesk Contact Center handles complex use cases that require at least numerous pages to explain(true story – reach out to us to know more) while also helping small businesses to launch their phone operations in hours. It is this dichotomy that sets Freshdesk Contact Center apart from other look-alikes and helps Doers to establish voice-based conversations as one of the, if not, the primary form of business communication.

3 reasons you should use Freshdesk Contact Center as your phone system

1) Provides maximum context to your teams during conversations

  • Context via conversation history

The best way to have a meaningful dialog with customers/prospects/partners is by knowing all the previous interactions, notes, recordings, etc. Every previous conversation is available with just a mouse click in Freshdesk Contact Center. 

  • Context via integrations

Help your customer support/sales teams by pairing your Freshdesk Contact Center phone account with your Freshdesk/Freshsales dashboard. This way your conversations are automatically recorded and available along with your support/sales conversations. With the upcoming launch of the Freshdesk Contact Center Marketplace, third-party application developers will be able to plug in any helpdesk or CRM application with their Freshdesk Contact Center phone system.

  • Context via Conferencing and Warm Transfer

Never bring in a colleague to a serious discussion without transferring the context. Use Freshdesk Contact Center Notes Transfer, Warm Transfer, or Conference Call capabilities to usher in your colleague to an ongoing conversation and collaborate.

2) Intelligent and thoughtful capabilities for the new-age customers and phone teams

  • Best-in-class routing engine

Never miss a conversation because your team is busy or your caller is stuck in your IVR menu or your team is taking a day off. All these scenarios are pre-built into Freshdesk Contact Center and can be configured to your satisfaction. We offer only the best inbound call routing engine for your teams.

Team Routing via Freshcaller

  • Virtual supervision of phone calls

You are no longer bound by physical limits in your quest for phone supervision. Freshdesk Contact Center enables all supervisors (present/virtual) to monitor all calls in real-time. Stay on top of your conversations and agent availability with our supervisor dashboard.

  • Manage your phone teams with extensive reports

Freshdesk Contact Center’s uncomplicated and visually stunning reporting dashboard is lit. Create your own custom report or use one of the pre-built reports to run your phone operations. And do cancel your BI tool subscription while you are at it!

Custom Phone Reports

  • NLP capabilities to give you smarter options

Freshdesk Contact Center is looking to launch new NLP based capabilities such as Speech-enabled IVR to improve routing by taking inputs from voice commands, a Voice Answer Bot that deflects calls by answering frequently asked questions directly instead of depending on your phone team to answer as well as other super-secret upcoming capabilities that are intended to blow your mind!

3) Beautifully simple software to configure and launch phone operations

  • Bring Your Own Carrier (B.Y.O.C)

Don’t even worry about number porting while switching to Freshdesk Contact Center. You can make SIP forwarding arrangements with your current carrier and pick up the calls in Freshdesk Contact Center at no extra cost. This means whatever financial agreements you have in place with respect to phone and call charges hold true even though you have changed your phone system. Bring Your Own Carrier (B.Y.O.C) helps with that. 

  • Mobile App for your phone teams

Freshdesk Contact Center lets your sales and support teams be productive even while not sitting at their desks. The Freshdesk Contact Center mobile app also lets your team add notes and attach the call to your Freshdesk ticket or Freshsales contact. Download the Android or iOS version today.

  • Import all your contacts

A phone team needs its contacts to be able to function efficiently. Import all your existing contacts into the phone system and start using Freshdesk Contact Center immediately. Our brilliant support team is always available to help you during the transition phase.

  • No-code multi-level IVR menu editor

Use our intuitive IVR menu editor and set up your call flow immediately. Build multi-level IVR menus and launch your IVR in minutes. You can choose to route your calls to different teams, individuals, or even voicemails.


Will Freshdesk Contact Center fit your needs?

Freshdesk Contact Center works great for the Doers based out of / servicing customers in the U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Brazil, Chile, India, and 60 other countries. If you are working in Logistics, eCommerce, F.M.C.G, Home Services, I.T, Advertising, Travel & Hospitality, BFSI, etc. you will find that using a good cloud-based phone system increases the chances of your success. 

For example, you can boost your team’s productivity via improving your Average Speed of Answer (ASA) by a whopping 96%

Besides a shorter wait time, the team is also able to significantly improve their user experience by making it more personal, not just faster. They can easily consult a customer’s call history and notes made during previous calls, thus enabling them to provide more customised, personal service.

Kurt Marshall, Operations Manager, Pirate Studios

You can read in detail about how Pirate Studios uses to handle their daily calls.

Or you can improve customer satisfaction by decreasing your Handle Time (by 47%) & First Response Time (from 21 to 6 seconds) with the help of Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center is now a key component of the “Blys Playbook for Excellence in Customer Service”, our internal set of guidelines and best practices, Freshdesk Contact Center gives us confidence when we’re handling customers. It’s reliable and comes with features that gives us the data we need (quantitative and qualitative) to iterate on our operations.

– Ilter Dumduz, CEO and Founder, Blys

You can read in detail about how Blys uses Freshdesk Contact Center to improve their customer experience

Whether you are looking to service customers in a small town in Germany or collaborating with teams spread across multiple continents, Freshdesk Contact Center has the capabilities that you need.

Choosing the right plan

A product’s pricing says a lot about its values and beliefs. For example, are competent features accessible to those in lower-tier plans? Is AI only for those who can afford costly enterprise packages? Does your business software believe in democratizing the category it is involved in? Is there an easy way to get started with the product without worrying about signing long-term contracts? Can someone start a business with a phone line by paying just a $0 user fee?

We have taken pains to ensure that you are not restricted in any sense w.r.t concurrent calls, purchasing unlimited (available) phone numbers, or adding any number of agents irrespective of the chosen plan. The plans themselves are designed to help you get started with minimum fuss and maximum benefits. 

You can choose the 

  • Sprout plan – $0

You are the only person making or receiving phone calls. You want a phone system that helps you manage calls, notes, and neatly saves a record of your contacts and conversations. Using the Freshdesk Contact Center Sprout plan makes your phone operations look professional, and your customers/prospects will never believe that it’s just you handling everything!

  • Blossom plan – $19 monthly / $15 annually

Your team is growing, and you are seriously ramping up your phone operations. You are no longer looking for just a phone call software. You are in the market for something that helps you record calls, set up your business hour, voicemail capabilities, and makes it easy for your virtual team members to collaborate to win the hearts and wallets of your customers/prospects.

  • Garden plan – $39 monthly / $29 annually

Your teams are now working from different floors of the same building, sometimes from different cities, countries, and continents that you need virtual supervision tools. You need to call failover options that can help you handle situations when your team is unable to answer the call in the first instance. You are using all the tracked metrics in Freshdesk Contact Center and building necessary reports that help you understand your phone operations.

  • Estate plan – $59 monthly / $45 annually

Multiple teams with supervisors/managers are all reporting to you. They are typically based out of different locations across the world. Your brand is fairly established and you need your phone operations to augment your brand identity. You need advanced routing and reporting options to keep track of everything that’s happening in your phone conversations. 

  • Forest plan – $99 monthly / $69 annually

You are an enterprise that needs the power of Artificial Intelligence and omnichannel capabilities for your call center. Yours have call centers managed by multiple admins across several countries spread across multiple continents. You have highly volatile call volumes that should be addressed with equal efficiency without exerting too much pressure on agents. If these are your wants, then Freshdesk Contact Center’s Forest plan is for you.

Phone conversations have evolved with the emergence of email, chat, and other communication channels. It remains highly critical when dealing with complex queries or urgent requests. Phone conversations remain vital to businesses serving a diverse clientele. It is also the most human of all channels. The right phone system can definitely help you deliver a great customer experience be it in sales or support. Blys, Marineparts, Travix, and 6000 other businesses trust  Freshdesk Contact Center to deliver that customer experience. What about you?

Frequently Asked Questions About Freshdesk Contact Center

  • Can I try out the product on a trial basis?

You can sign up for a 21-day product trial during which you will have access to all Freshdesk Contact Center capabilities. This will help you evaluate the product and choose the plan that suits your business needs.

  • Can you explain the various charges incurred in using a phone system?

Certainly. In Freshdesk Contact Center you will pay for agent licensing and purchase phone credits. The agent licensing charge is for access to the phone dashboard. Phone credits cover everything related to conversations starting from purchasing phone numbers, call charges, recording charges, etc. It is always advisable to have a good balance of phone credits to ensure that you do not have to worry about receiving/making phone calls with a low credit balance during working hours.

  • How will you help me retain my current phone numbers if I switch to your phone system?

Our support team can help you port your phone numbers into the Freshdesk Contact Center ecosystem. This way, you will retain your current phone number(s). On average, porting business phone numbers takes 7-10 days to complete; however, they can take up to 28 days in rare cases. Another option that is available to Freshdesk Contact Center customers is the Bring Your Own Carrier capability which allows you to SIP forward phone calls to Freshdesk Contact Center.

  • My team prefers answering calls using IP phones. Can I somehow link your cloud-based phone system to SIP devices?

Rest assured, we do have customers whose teams prefer doing phone calls the old-fashioned way. We have enabled SIP extensions for these customers which helps them answer phone calls on their SIP devices. Even though you are answering calls on your SIP devices, you can continue taking notes, record calls, etc in the same manner that you would do if you answered the call via your browser.

SIP Connections - Freshcaller

  • Is Freshdesk Contact Center/Freshworks GDPR compliant?

All Freshworks products and services are compliant, and to help our customers meet their compliance obligations our products have released new features. These product capabilities are not restricted to the EU, but are available to all our customers worldwide.

  • What are the various payment modes that are available?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted across currencies. (American Express and Discover cards are not accepted for INR currency)

We accept

    • PayPal transactions for USD only.
    • Offline payments (wire transfers) for the Half-Yearly and Annual billing cycle.
    • Check payments in USD currency and this applies only to US and Canada customers.
  • I have other queries that are not answered here. 

You can leave a comment below or write to us (hello@freshcaller.com) with your queries. We respond to all queries and will try our best to help you set up your phone system.

Illustrations by Nikhil Kanda

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