A happy customer is a loyal customer

Customer satisfaction decides the level of success for all businesses. It's especially true for businesses like hotels, restaurants and tour operators where customer service is critical for their success. It's estimated that global business travel spend will reach $1.6 trillion by 2020. Given this growth, it’s crucial for hospitality industries to sustain and grow business. And, customer loyalty plays an important role in driving revenue. While loyal customers drive revenue, customer service is what drives loyalty.


What are the key issues faced in the hospitality industry today?

The rate of growth in the hospitality sector is booming. This has resulted in severe competition for businesses to exceed customer expectations. For such an industry to overcome challenges and meet the ever-changing customer demands, there’s more to the problem than meets the eye.

Today, owing to the industry growth, sectors like hotels, food services, travel, and tourism face four main business challenges:

How can a good CRM help?

Positive customer experience is the driver of repeat business for hospitality industries. When you know who your customers are, personalize messages, resolve issues faster, and nurture them, you build loyalty to your brand.

CRM system drives customer relationship management by making use of valuable customer history. It organizes contacts, tracks opportunities, automates workflows, and offers a unified business approach in a single system. A good CRM system must have capabilities to address the important needs for the hospitality industry.

Attract and engage the right customers

Customer acquisition is a struggle for hospitality industries. With targeted email campaigns and offers that are pertinent to your buyer’s interests you attract visitors to your website. Once a visitor lands on your site, engage with them through chat or web forms. CRM integrated to a chat tool like Freshchat lets you connect with potential buyers in real-time, and is strategic to acquiring new customers. Create customizable web forms, auto-capture every visitor information and send a welcome email. Replace the tedious work of data entry with automations wherever capable with a CRM.


Get to know your customers better

Knowing your customers is key to building their trust. Understanding their needs to improve their experience will help earn their loyalty. The first step to this is learning who they are and researching their needs. Modern CRM will auto-enrich lead profile with business information and social media accounts. It also collects customer insights through interactions with your website. Superior CRM systems even perform data driven lead scoring and rank them as hot, warm or cold. Using this categorization you can prioritize focus on your potential customers and sell smarter.


Manage customer interactions

A complete history and 360-degree view of your customer will help understand their buying preferences. CRM software stores records as individuals and accounts, and captures their interactions over phone and email. It logs your tasks, appointments, bookings, notes, invoices, support tickets, and chat conversations. When you look at your customer’s profile, you see everything about them in one place. Every piece of data integrated with the CRM allows customer facing teams—sales, support and marketing— to get the whole picture of your customer.


Manage deals

CRM can manage all your properties and opportunities under multiple sales pipelines in one central place. Knowing how your overall business as well as separate teams are performing helps you analyze where to focus your efforts. A dashboard in your CRM to track daily, weekly or monthly sales motivates teams to increase their profits. Good pipeline visibility, easy access to deals, and quick actions will boost productivity.

Improve customer service

The very meaning of hospitality is providing good customer service. The rising expectation of customer service makes it the competitive factor that distinguishes your business in the hospitality industry. It's also what determines your overall business success.

To earn customer loyalty, you need to deliver exceptional consistent service. It’s essential that your CRM integrates with a customer support system like Freshdesk and syncs all your customer information. This allows sales and service teams to collaborate with each other and respond faster to inquiries.

Nurture customers

To keep your customers at the heart of your business, it's not just enough to manage them. You have to also determine who are the most frequent and most valued customers, and develop those relationships. An important value proposition for hospitality industries is turning one-time customers into repeat customers. Keep customers engaged with effective, personalized communication to improve customer retention. CRM system that identifies customer behavior and gives you insight into buying preferences allows you to better serve their needs. Having this history in your CRM helps personalize sales campaigns to win repeat customers.

Drive customer loyalty. Choose Freshsales CRM.

Freshsales CRM helps you cultivate and build lasting relationships with your customers. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Freshsales offers a range of capabilities to make it easier for you to improve customer experience with your brand. The CRM software captures your bookings, segments contacts, tracks interactions over phone, email or chat, schedules emails, syncs support tickets, automates your sales tasks, and offers more functionalities to step up your game.

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Segment and target customers

Create territories by geographic locations, deal value or the packages you offer. Allocate salespeople to each territory and have the leads automatically assigned to them.

Tasks and Appointments

Schedule follow-up tasks and appointments to send package proposals, make negotiation calls, etc. Integrate with Google Calendar to access all your activities in one place.

Identify potential customers

Identify and talk to your potential customers using lead score. Rank them by their selected package, the value, and how active they are with your sales reps.

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