A 360° view of your customers

The hospitality industry is all about the customer - it’s not just enough to manage them in a CRM, but also determine who are the most frequent and most valued customers.

Freshsales is an online CRM for hospitality that lets you get a 360° view of your customers—auto-populating their details from social media, tracking their email and phone interaction with you, the pages visited on your website—giving you the context and the confidence to talk to your customers and win them over. Freshsales automatically captures them as leads once they fill their details in a webform.

A clear view of your deals

Track new and recurring business using a visual sales pipeline. Create your own deal stages; move deals up the sales ladder by simply dragging and dropping a deal from one stage to another. Use the deal bar to get a quick idea of the number (and value) of deals in each stage. Make calls and send emails right from deal cards. You don’t have to click into deals to act on them.

A comprehensive reporting tool

At Freshsales, we understand that analytics are vital for the hospitality industry. Our reporting and forecasting tool gives you exactly what you’re looking for— know how much you’re going to make in the coming months, which areas are making the most revenue and how your sales reps are performing. With these insights at your fingertips, you can take smart decisions to move your business to the next level.

Stay connected with customers right from Freshsales

Freshsales CRM for hospitality management lets you connect with your customers over phone and email. You can send season campaigns or discount offers to a large group of your customers at one go. Schedule emails by time zone and create personalized templates. Track the open and click rates to know which customers are interested in what campaign and target the next set of actions.

Use the Freshsales built-in phone and let your customers easily connect with you. Just buy phone numbers of any country, assign them to your team and answer the calls right from the CRM. Make calls to customers, record conversations, and have them auto-logged for reference.

Bulk email
Auto-log conversation
Segment and target customers

Create territories by geographic locations, deal value or the packages you offer. Allocate salespeople to each territory and have the leads automatically assigned to them.

Tasks and Appointments

Schedule follow-up tasks and appointments to send package proposals, make negotiation calls, etc. Integrate with Google Calendar to access all your activities in one place.

Identify potential customers

Identify and talk to your potential customers using lead score. Rank them by their selected package, the value, and how active they are with your sales reps.

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