7 Freshchat features that make you go “Wow, this makes my work so much easier”

Wow, this makes my work so much easier. I can’t wait to use Freshchat!”, exclaimed Sam with a huge sigh of relief.

Who’s Sam? And why did she say that?

Let’s travel back, shall we? 

Meet Sam. Sam works as a support agent at Toys4U. A company that manufactures and sells toys for kids. Sam handles customers who are willing to purchase or purchase products under: “Toys for kids aged 0-3”. She sometimes finds her work overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, Sam loves her job, but she just wants to make it easier.

Let’s take a look at a typical week at work with Sam and how Freshchat helped make it easier for her.

1. Effortless routing with IntelliAssign

Usually, Sam’s supervisor cherry picks incoming conversations and assigns them to the members of a team. This is a lot of work! Sam sometimes gets overloaded with way too many conversations.

This is where IntelliAssign steps in. Avoid the hassle and let IntelliAssign do the work.

It auto assigns conversations to the team based on their current load of conversations and their skill level — be it a beginner, an intermediate or an expert.

Rather than assigning all conversations, IntelliAssign considers only the number of active conversations a team member can be assigned to at any time reducing overload. This creates a balance in the conversation load and also connects the customer with experts skilled in handling their queries 


WOW FACTOR: Conversations assigned to your team members are balanced and you don’t have to worry about overloading. 


2. Know more about your customers with Context pane 

Sam has a wish. She wants to make her conversations with customers better. She wants to proactively reach out to customers rather than asking them for more information.Talking to a customer without having any context is like roller skating without safety guards. Any conversation would be 10x better if you knew information about the customer.

Context pane gives you the information you need about each customer.

  • Profile: It consists of the user’s name, email ID, phone number, IP address, and when the first and last message was sent.
  • User properties: For a Saas company, it displays the App ID, Plan name, User role, status and for an e-commerce company it would display the customer’s purchase history, items in the cart, and  membership ID.

  • App integrations can be seen on your context pane such as your Stripe Payment History, Freshsales lead history, or Freshdesk ticket history.

  • The events timeline: Track visitors and users’ navigation path to have better conversations with them.


WOW FACTOR: Access all the information you need to make conversations with your customers better.


3. Stay on top of every conversation with Priority Inbox

On her way to work, Sam realized that she had not replied to one of her customers. She takes out her phone and starts to frantically search for the customer. After what seemed to be an eternity, she finally opened the chat only to find out that the customer is no longer interested and has moved on to a different buyer. 


Well, Priority Inbox as the name suggests, sorts your conversations in the order of priority and helps you identify which conversations have pending replies. It helps you sort your conversations based on First response due, Response due, and no response due. It highlights the time from when the conversations have been waiting.

  • First response due– A customer has reached out to you with a question and you are yet to acknowledge the question from your side.
  • Response due– You have engaged with the customer before but haven’t responded to their most recent message.
  • No response due– You have sent the message to the customer but there have been no responses yet from the other side.




Conversations of customers who have been inactive can be resolved using Auto Resolve. You can set the time for auto resolving conversations.The conversations will be resolved automatically within the time it has been scheduled. This will help your team focus on conversations that require their attention and improve their productivity metrics.


WOW FACTOR: Instead of searching for messages to respond to, conversations have already been prioritized which makes it easier for team members to respond accordingly.


4. A segmented view of your inbox with Conversations view

‘Tis the season, and you know what that means! Decorations, desserts and most importantly presents. Customers are pouring in to buy presents for their loved ones. Sam is confused as to which conversation she must reply to. Each time she clicks on a conversation it’s either resolved or is currently being handled by a different team member.

Say goodbye to messy inboxes.

 Segment conversations from all conversations to conversations assigned to you. You can view all messages under Conversation view. 

New – Most recent conversations that have not been assigned to anyone.

Assigned to me – Conversations assigned to you.

All assigned – Conversations assigned to different members in your team.

Resolved – All resolved conversations by you or by anyone on your team. 

Custom viewCustom views are created to filter conversations. Create your own conversation view by choosing among filters like conversation status, channel name, groups, and team members.

Bot Conversations – Conversations currently being handled by the Bot.



WOW FACTOR: Conversations are segmented and you know exactly which view to go after.


5. Save time with Canned Responses

“ Can you give me the list of plans?”

“ What’s the pricing plan?”

“ What all pricing plans do you folks provide?”

“ Send me the pricing plan!”

Customers have questions. And these questions can get repetitive. Sam has to type in the same response Every. Single . Time.

Tiring, right?

Well, don’t sweat it ‘cause with Canned responses save your time in the most amazing way. You can set predefined responses to common customer queries and welcome/thank you messages.This can be accessed and sent by team members as part of their conversation.



To access your short code use a slash followed by the response. Pretty cool, right? This helps in having high impactful conversations and decreases your workload.


WOW FACTOR: Optimize response time and boost your productivity using Canned responses.


6. Stay on the same page as your customers with Co- browsing

Sam’s over the call with a customer regarding an issue with the website. She’s guiding the customer on how to move along the product. This is a bit overwhelming for the two as they are both not on the same page (literally).

“If only I could see her screen, it would sure make things better”, thinks Sam.

Well, her dream just came true. 

Co-browsing can help you provide live, instant and personalized support to your customers right from the Freshchat web app. Request for access to your customer’s screen to help them with their queries.“View only” lets you view the current screen and “View and Control” allows you to view and lets remotely access your customer’s screen. 



WOW FACTOR: Guide prospects and customers remotely by accessing their screen and talking to them — for sales, onboarding, or support.


7. Segment all your customers with People page

Sam has a file on her computer. A file to keep track of all the customers she spoke to . She had columns where she would differentiate her customers based on the pricing plan, purchase, region etc., This is a lot of effort from her side.

With People page, it displays a list of all users (visitors, prospects, and customers) you have had a conversation with and have been created as a contact. You will know when a  customer is online, and what is their last seen and use that information to either perform bulk actions or reach out independently to them and initiate a chat/trigger a chat campaign/trigger an email campaign.

On your left side, you will be able to view your segments. Freshchat comes with five predefined segments:

  • All users
  • Lapsed users
  • Lapsing users
  • New users
  • Recently active users

You can also create segments on your own. A few suggestions would be based on location, loyal customers, trial customers, and premium users. For example, customers hailing from the United States can be added under one segment. E.g You can create a segment of all your paid users who have not used your new feature and send them proactive chat campaigns or you can target all the buyers of the X phone with goals of re-purchase by sending them a scheduled email. 



WOW FACTOR: Create user segments, identify online customers, and perform bulk actions.


Now, do you know why Sam said “Wow, this makes my work so much easier. I can’t wait to use Freshchat!”. Freshchat helped Sam save time, prioritize her conversations, and work efficiently. 

Did you have the same “WOW” moment as Sam? What are your major takeaways?. Let us know in the comments below.