Why should you add chat to your website?

Adding a web chat tool like Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat) on your website makes it easy for your customers to converse with you. Typically customers tend to interact with your brand on several channels before they decide to buy, and adding a chat tool simplifies the customer journey. You can proactively engage a website visitor by chatting with them at the right time on the right pages of your website. In fact, the chat on the right webpage can improve your sales conversion. For example, having a chat on the checkout page of an ecommerce portal can reduce cart abandonment. With a chat on your website, the possibilities are endless!

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Gain proximity to your customer with web chat

Onboard customers

Web chat tools help you improve the onboarding experience of your customer, i.e., in improving the nurturing process where your new users are getting acquainted with your product. With Freshdesk Messaging, you can welcome a new user right within your chat widget and help them in setting up their account. With in-messenger FAQs and step-by-step tutorials, chat tools can play a major role in ensuring the success of customers using your product

Collect customer feedback

Having a chat on your website also allows you to send out in-app surveys to collect feedback and suggestions for improvement of the overall customer experience. It makes more sense to time your in-app campaigns based on when your customers are most likely to respond. Chatting with your customers helps you go that extra mile to dig deeper to get quality feedback, which would help you improve their experience.

Talk as you show

Freshdesk Messaging is one of the very few web chat tools that allows you to go a step further by allowing you to have a voice conversation with the customer as you are sharing screen and demonstrating your product or resolving a customer issue. Increase your team's productivity by improving first call resolution, reducing support calls, and long email threads.

Web chat for sales

When you add a chat to your website, you have the opportunity of making the most of your visitors while they are live on your website. You can facilitate them to sign up for your product, help them complete a purchase, explore a new feature, and do more. More importantly, you can qualify leads by engaging with your visitors in real-time and improve your sales conversion by at least 30%. Freshdesk Messaging enables you to personalize the conversations with prospects contextually—by offering insights into information such as their navigation behavior on your website, the time they spend on a page, what events they perform , and more.

web chat for sales

Adding chat for customer support

Having a chat option on your website not only improves the trust in your organization but also makes it so much easier for customers to reach out to your support team. Not everyone would want to send an email to your support team and wait for a response; people prefer instant gratification. Website chat offers your customers the ability to instantly converse with your support team and resolve their issues on the go.

Freshdesk Messaging is a modern chat tool that enables you with an asynchronous chat experience, i.e., you and your customers can have relevant conversations based on the history of past conversations, events and more.

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Tips to make the most of your website chat


Offer proactive customer support

Chat on your website can help your customer support go from reactive to being proactive. For instance, usually a customer reaches out to your support team when they have an issue or need some help or clarification and then your support team reaches out to help them. Adding a chat to your website can reverse the process by proactively triggering a conversation with the customer offering to help them.

Reach out to customers where they are

The key is to be where your customers are. With Freshdesk Messaging, you can manage all your social conversations from a single console, i.e., you can connect and converse with your customers on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and manage all the conversations from within Freshdesk Messaging.

Map your chat goals to overall strategy

The success of how the chat to your website enables your businesses largely depends on your sales strategy, support strategy, and other company  goals. For instance, businesses that are support-intensive usually receive a lot of support phone calls, and chat tools cannot only help you reduce the cost but also improve the efficiency of support. For sales, the proactive conversations can help you increase sales conversion rate. Thus, it boils down to your strategy and your expectations from the chat tool. In fact, this strategy also helps you in determining the right places on the website where you need to add chat support.

Offer self-service options for customers

To improve the overall customer experience, make sure you offer options. Not every customer might want to be dependent on your support agent to resolve their issues. It makes sense to offer self-service options and also suggest relevant FAQs, knowledge base articles based on the customer events on your website.