Live chat support, only when you want.

Your support agents needn’t be online 24x7. Offer a messaging experience for your customers to reach you 24x7 yet setting clear expectations on your business hours and response time. Set your messenger to offline mode outside of  those hours. When a customer pings you outside of business hours, automatically convert them into support tickets and give them a clear expected response time.

offline chat trigger offline chat trigger

Reduce the need for reaching out to your support agents.

During times when your business is offline, empower your customers with self-service FAQs relevant to what the customer is looking or the page they are on. This reduces the need to create support tickets and thereby the overall support ticket load, and therefore the need to deploy more support agents.

integrated FAQ integrated FAQ

Build bot enabled customer conversations.

Answer your customer’s questions without the need for human interference, allow your customers to schedule meetings with your agents, and more, with the help of bots that are truly intelligent beyond scripts. Use Freshdesk Messaging’s chatbots to identify accounts based on their support and churn intent, and proactively engage with them, thus improving your retention rate

answerbot answerbot

Use Freshdesk Messaging with the best of all worlds

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