Increasing adoption of chatbots

With the rise of messaging tools and chatbots, there has been a shift in the way prospects and customers connect with businesses. Chatbots refer to programs designed to simulate conversation with users online. In today’s world, when information is just a click away, customers expect their issues to be resolved almost instantly.This is where chatbots really help by being able to respond to your customers during your offline business hours or even handle repetitive requests

Bots in customer support

Use cases for chatbots in customer support


Chatbots can handle generic and repetitive requests

Chatbots have the ability to handle requests on scale. They can play a huge role in scaling up the efficiency of support teams, especially by handling high volume of repetitive requests. They can instantly answer recurring questions without the need to search. In fact, they can list down FAQs relevant to the web page a customer is on.

Chatbots can improve customer engagement

Chatbots can also help improve customer engagement by proactively welcoming the customer, setting a friendly tone for your brand, and taking them towards the next step in the customer journey. So, if a customer has a question they can respond to chat initiated or else, they know that the customer support team is around.

Chatbots can handover conversations

Chatbots can also collaborate with a support agent. For cases, that require human intervention, chatbots can direct customers to the support agent after the initial conversation. In a modern messaging tool like Freshdesk Messaging, the chat conversations are assigned to the right support agent based on their expertise, skills needed for a particular conversation. This means while support agents focus on important conversations, chatbots can improve the productivity of the support team and also increase customer satisfaction.

Chatbots can help with proactive customer support

With the help of chatbots, you can trigger campaigns where customers are contextually and proactively reached out to inform them about promotions or coupons they can make use of. For example, if a customer is on the check out page of an ecommerce portal and reconsidering their buying decision, chatbots can offer discount coupons and help them complete the purchase.

Chatbots are available round the clock

Customers can be answered instantly regardless of the time zone, which means chatbots can handle queries during the support agent’s offline hours. This not only adds to your customer support arsenal, but also improves the overall customer experience, especially in the era of millenials who expect instant gratification.


Points to remember

While it is interesting to note how bots can bolster your customer support, it is important to keep the user experience in mind. You don’t want to be intrusive by triggering an automated message as soon as a prospect lands on your web page. Offer them enough time to look around and take an action. Too much of automation can annoy your customer and do more harm than good. Test, measure, and optimize for the right experience. Focus on engaging the customers at the right time. Remember, engaged customers are the ones that will stay with you for a long time and likely refer more customers to you.


What next?

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