Why you should have product videos as a part of your customer self-service

Customers expect videos to be an integral part of customer self-service. Also customer support teams around the world are realizing the impact that videos can have in building customer engagement and offering a personal touch across the customer life cycle. It is much easier and quicker for a customer to watch a video explaining how they can solve their product issue, than through text or images.

self-service videos

Knowledge base videos

Using short and crisp product videos in your knowledge base can go a long way in scaling up the user onboarding process and help them in getting started with your product. Videos help in making the process scalable and repeatable. To make it effective, you need to ensure that your product video is searchable, organized and structured into the right knowledge base topics. More importantly, video analytics allows you to measure the how your product video has performed based on customer engagement and frequency of usage.


Troubleshooting videos

These are the set of product videos that help your customers solve product related issues  on their own. Product videos of your customer support agents providing walkthroughs or a product video about installing the product, help your team reduce the average time spent on customer’s and brings down the cost per customer.

Key pointers for building product videos for customer self-service portal


What next?

Scaling your customer support team

As your organization grows, it’s equally important to scale up your customer support team. And it’s not easy to scale a support team unless you have a set process and the necessary tools to help them across different stages.

scaling customer support