Rise of customer self service in support

Today, it has become imperative to respond to customers faster as it directly correlates with the customer experience that an organization can deliver. From a customer standpoint, when they have a query, they want to find a solution on their own, through customer self service.

Forrester reports suggest that 91% of customers prefer using a self-service portal if it meets their needs, and the percentage of customers using self service portal is continuously increasing becoming the first customer support choice.

value of self-service

Why customer self service?

Self-service customer support is a type of customer support where the agent needn’t assist the customer, and let the customer access the solution at the click of a button. Typically users log into a self-service portal and find the right solution pertaining to their query from the knowledge base, category articles or forums. Here are a few reasons why customers prefer self-service:


The benefits of self service


Getting the right mix of support agents and self-service

Implementing self-service the right way can drive a lot of benefits. Organizations needs to have the right mix of technology and human support to drive the expected results.

Accessibility of your customer support agent

 Setting up a customer self service portal doesn’t mean that the customer will not want to reach out to a support agent. Customers could still want to reach out to support agents and it creates a very bad experience if its too difficult to reach them. Regardless of the quality of your self-service portal, it is important to ensure easy accessibility to your support agents across channels such as chat, email or phone.

Self-service support introduced by live customer support agents

Too often customer support agents are measured based on the time spent on resolving customer queries. And therefore, support tends to have several chat sessions running simultaneously. Instead, agents can be encouraged to play a critical role in the adoption of self-service, by taking a moment to educate customers about it. A simple walk-through or sharing of the link by the agent, can help save their time in the long run.



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What next?

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