Fake reviews and paid reviews

When your customers are evaluating products online, one of the key factors they consider is the reviews about your product by your existing customers. It is not new that several organizations tend to create fake reviews or pay for reviews due to one of the below reasons:

  • To improve the ranking of the product
  • To increase the probability of sale
  • To enhance visibility
  • To balance existing negative reviews

But creating fake reviews or getting paid reviews doesn’t help in the long term. Customers are more smarter than ever and when they spot a fake/paid review, your organization loses credibility and the probability of potential customers choosing your product is very low. There are several fake review detector products today to help you identify them.

fake customer reviews

Some keys to identify fake/paid reviews when customers evaluate products

Today’s customer understand that fake reviews often lack detail. A genuine review of a software product would talk about the experience related to a specific feature or how it integrates with some of their existing tech stack and so on. Whereas a fake review often is a general praise. Secondly, genuine reviews are often in first person.

Here are some pointers customers use to identify fake reviews:

Reach out to your customers for reviews

While fake reviews aren’t the way to go, you can always reach out to your customers and request them to leave a review based on their genuine experience with your product. Here’s a template you can use to request them to write a review for your product. It’s best to go by the judgement  of your customer support team to decide the set of customers who will be reached out to, with this email.

Hello <first name>,

Thank you for being our valuable customer in the <year>. We are glad you had pleasant experiences with our support team in the year gone by and we strive to provide you nothing less going forward. Can we request you for a small favor? Would you mind giving us a review of on <capterra/G2 crowd>?

Your comments would go a long way in helping us get better, and will give us another chance to get to know you better. We promise it won’t take more than a few minutes of your time. Help us spread the love! Simply follow this link ( INSERT LINK)  to share your experience with us.

Thank you!


<Job title>, XYZ, Company name

You may decide to incentivise your customers with gift coupons to respect the time they spend for reviewing your product. However, remember you are representing your brand when you reach out to your customers for review. Hence, do not use the incentivization as a bait for reviewing but as a reward for the customer’s deed.


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