Why use live chat for customer support

Prospects tend to have multiple touchpoints with your brand before they decide to become your customer. Each of these touchpoints are potential opportunities for you to build a relationship with the customer. Having a chat tool on your website, makes it easier for them to start a conversation with you than having to look for a contact email or phone number to connect with you. Chat tools help customers to get a feel of the support experience your company might offer, based on how you respond to their questions related to your product. Great chat support means a direct increase in sales conversion.

live chat for customer support

Role of chat tools in customer support

Having a live chat tool as part of customer support improves the trust on your organization. We are in the era of instant gratification and a lot of customers prefer using a live chat tool over talking to an agent over the phone or email to resolve their issues.This is where having a chat tool helps. In fact, chat tools like Freshchat which are asynchronous in nature, go a step further in making it easy for customers and agents, as they can look at the past conversations for context. So having a support agent skilled in communication, product, and multi-tasking can go a long way in improving the customer support experience offered by your organization.

Key benefits of using live chat support


Ability to support round the clock

Live chat helps customers resolve their queries instantly. And therefore, their time on your website increases thus reducing the chances of them exploring options other than your organization. And more importantly, if a customer reaches out to your support team at a time when your agents aren’t online, chat tools like Freshchat can engage them and give them an ETA on when a support agent will get back to them.


Using live chat software can help customers with self-service options, where they can find what they need on their own. These typically include product information and how-to’s in the form of FAQs, Knowledge base, videos, articles, and so on.

Canned responses

To enable the volume of customers a support agent might handle in a day, live chat tools offer the ability to create canned responses. It means they can create a predefined set of response templates and assign them to short codes. Then every time your agent types in the shortcode in the chat window, the predefined response is sent to your customer. This helps support agents effectively handle several conversations simultaneously.

 Customer context

Using live chat software allows you to support them proactively as it gives you contextual information about them. Imagine, your customer has added products to his cart on your ecommerce site and is reconsidering the decision to purchase. With that context, you can offer them a discount and help them go through the purchase cycle.

Intelligent routing

Live chat tools help customers by intelligently routing them to the right teams to support them. For instance, if your customer has a billing issue, they wouldn’t like to start their conversation with a sales person. Tools like Freshchat can directly route the customer to the billing team for a seamless experience to resolve their issue.


What next?

Best practices for live chat support

Having a live chat messenger on your website makes it easier for the customer to start a conversation with your support team. Here are a set of best practices that will help  you make the most of your live chat tool.

live chat best practices