Why should you use live chat

Customers tend to have multiple touchpoints with an organization before deciding to purchase or even after a purchase. And each touchpoint is an opportunity for the organization to help the customer in their pursuit, be it support, sales or marketing. Having a live chat messenger on your website makes it easier for the customer to start a conversation with your team than having to search for a contact email or phone number.

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Live chat for customer support

As discussed under ‘personalization for customer support’, live chat can help improve the customer support experience because a) Customers can get their requests resolved quickly and easily b) Your team will have enough context about customers based on their user-behavior and past conversations thus enabling better support experience. It is seen that the average first response time of companies using Freshchat is shorter than the industry average.

Some advantages of getting your live chat support right:


Best practices for chat support


Choose the right places to offer chat support

The key is to make sure you are offering live chat at the right places considering where it might make the most impact. Otherwise, it could be more distracting than impactful. For example, live chat on your website will help your sales team to interact with the visitors, or on your support portal to help with the customer support requests on the go. In fact, you can customize the conversations based on the web page your customer is on.  

Some of the pages you might want to consider adding live chat are:

Qualify the right pages based on the understanding of where your customers and prospects might need support or guidance, and add a live chat tool in those areas to make it conversational.


Clarity on business hours and ETA

Customers prefer live chat because the support agents can instantly help them resolve their issues. Having the chat window status as “available” and the customers not getting a response, results in a very bad experience. Also no customer likes to wait for support without an ETA. Clearly showcasing your business hours on your chat window will help set expectations on the offline hours. Similarly it makes sense to set expectation on the estimated wait time for your customers during online and offline hours.


Self service options for the customers

Customers need not always be dependent on the support agent to resolve their issues. Especially if you are a small team, it becomes difficult to offer 24/7 support. You can offer self-service options where the customers can resolve their issues themselves. It can help your support team as well as the customer save a lot of time. In fact, the intelligent chatbots in a live chat tool such as Freshchat can suggest the FAQ articles based on what the customer is searching for.


Share the right content resources with your customer support team

Customer support is the new marketing and therefore customer relationships are more important than ever. Your support agents can share relevant blog posts or webinars or how-to docs with your customers whenever applicable. Therefore, marketing teams need to constantly update the customer support teams of the newly added content in the repository. Also sharing regular updates with your customers will show them that you care about the success of your customers rather than just supporting them when needed.


What next?

Saving time using canned responses

Canned responses refer to predefined responses to common queries, which can be accessed and sent by team members as part of their conversations, thus optimizing response time and boosting productivity. Check out how you can use canned responses to save your customer support time.

canned responses