Importance of customer relationships

Customer relationship is one of the most critical component of building a successful product or company. The growth of an organization is becoming increasingly dependent on how their relationships with the customers are. In today’s internet era, businesses need to understand that customers are not here to just consume the content provided and cannot be easily sold to, unless trust and relationship is established.

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Being available for your customers

Technology plays a big role in customer relationships, more so in the way customer support and sales is evolving. Modern messaging apps such as Freshdesk Messaging has greatly helped customers to have live chat conversations with support agents. For that matter, customers expect live chat to be a part of websites and don’t want to search for contact emails or phone numbers anymore. And to run a successful business, you cannot ignore customer preferences and have to be available and ready when they are ready to begin a conversation with you.


The ROI on customer relationships

Customers expect you to be available for them when they need you and not the other way around. And, the most successful organizations around the globe, not only are available for their customers but also ensure that their relationship with the customer relationships helps them improve their business.

Product improvement

Working closely with your customers can help you understand what exactly do they like or dislike about your product. Feedback from the customers can be directly passed to the product development and engineering teams, thus helping them keep the teams keep their ears to the ground. Also, when your product teams are building a new feature, you can beta test it with your customer and hone if for the better.

Tweaking the value proposition

Your relationship with the customer can also help you understand the features of your product that are most valuable to them. It can help improve your sales pitch and the value proposition continuously. Experiment the new sales pitch with your prospects and see it improves the conversion ratio.

 Referral opportunities

Happy customers can certainly become champions for your product in their respective organizations. They also have the potential to bring in newer opportunities by referring you to their connections. As part of your customer relationship, you can use NPS surveys to identify the customers that are most likely to refer your product to their connections. You can reach out to such customers for product reviews and referrals.

 Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Relationships with your customers can help your team to identify potential upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Your support team can then help your sales and account management teams to identify those potential accounts to explore it further.

 Contextual insight about your customer

Using a tool like Freshdesk Messaging can help you understand the customer better as it provides contextual insights about them. For instance, when a customer is on a specific page of your website, you can understand their intent based on their actions and trigger appropriate messages such as relevant FAQs or discount coupons,etc.


What next?

Ideal emails to be used by your customer support team

While customer support as a domain is continuously evolving, the role of emails is still relevant. While some consider emails to be impersonal to deliver the expected levels of customer service, emails support several aspects of the customer support cycle. 

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