Freshdesk Messaging for remote

Customer Messaging tailor-made for

remote support

Stay closer to your customers amid the distancing. Let your support team carry their contact center in their pockets, while they work remotely. 

✔️Messaging channels 

✔️Bots and automation 

✔️ Proactive Campaigns 

Everything your distributed support team needs for business as usual

Team inbox
to work as one team

View all incoming conversations, respond based on priority and manage conversations as a team.

Multiple business hours
for distributed teams

Manage availability using multiple business hours for teams working out of different time zones.

to route conversations

Route conversations automatically to team members based on skills, availability and work-load. 

How can Freshdesk Messaging help you with remote support?


Support your customers 24*7 in real-time


Your customers need your support; NOW more than ever. Engage by setting up no-code bot flows in seconds and support with instant and precise answers by automating responses for commonly asked questions. Our bots can help you manage load, send highly contextual responses, support efficiently in your absence and stay online round the clock.



Reach out to them proactively

Reach out to your customers before they reach you in these critical times. Segment your visitors and customers based on the actions they perform, profile, purchase data, service history, geography, any other behavior important for your business and send highly targeted notifications, reminders, and messages. 

In difficult times like these, it is imperative that we stay strong and ensure service continuity to our customers, TOGETHER.

We want to help you be there for your customers during this crisis, whatever it takes. 
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Know more

Offer help at their fingertips


Don’t let your customers hunt for help. Freshdesk Messaging helps you set up a conversational support center wherever your customers are — web, mobile, social and other messengers. Be available on channels that your customers are already using like WhatsApp, FB messenger, ABC, and Line.

Bring your tool stack with you

Integrate the tools that you already use with Freshdesk Messaging to carry on with your operations seamlessly.