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Power smarter conversations by automating all EdTech conversations through personalized real-time information using the support chatbot.


Book online demo classes

Schedule a demo of an online class of the students choice.

Download curriculum

Allow students to get the course curriculum for the class of their choice.

Talk to an education consultant

Connect customers with a consultant to guide them towards the right courses.

Chat with a tutor

Let students get in touch with their tutors over chat for quick queries.

Book an online review session

Enable students to review their classes with teachers.

Track course progress

Inform students about the progress they’ve made on their course.

Download completion certificates

Give students the course completion documents.

Schedule online tests

Offer students the option to schedule tests at the time they prefer.

Submit assignments

Simplify the process of uploading completed assignments.

Cancel course subscription

Process cancellations of subscriptions without reaching out to an agent.

And much, much more...

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