Meet the hottest new major in digital marketing

Increasing your marketing spend?

Get the brand new armor in your marketing arsenal. College aspirants live and breathe the instant messaging apps – keep up with them. Communicate through a tool that speaks their language.

Capture student information, follow up on their admission interests and offer personalized recommendations to get them on board.

marketing spend marketing spend

Stay ahead of the competition

Engage students in real-time and even beyond office hours while admission offices in other colleges are stuck at replying via voice messages, emails, or direct mails.

A college is a place for innovation. Adopt Freshchat’s modern methods to engage and attract the best students for your university.

ahead of competition ahead of competition

How does Freshchat work?

It works as a live chat tool, only 10x better

With Freshchat, you can respond to students in real-time or asynchronously. Talk to returning prospects with more context – pull chat history and view visitor details such as location and social profile. Better yet, use these context to launch relevant campaigns and triggered messages.

Don’t limit your conversations to your college website; mobile is where the Gen Z live. Chat from within your college’s mobile app or social media DM.

live chat tool live chat tool

It works beyond 9-5 office hours

Handle student queries even when your admission office is closed. It’s hugely beneficial to engage with international students (from different time zones) most of whom pay their tuition in full and add flavor to your student diversity.

Send canned responses or allow Freshchat’s bot to answer basic questions and collect student contact details. Today’s generation wants to find information on their own and they want it now. Offer them self-help navigation with predefined Message Channels or an integrated FAQs page.

beyond 9 5 beyond 9 5

Create a world-class student experience

Route tasks to the specialists

Auto-assign chats to individuals or teams based on their expertise. E.g., route scholarship queries to the financial aid office or international students to the international admission counselor. You can also distribute chats equally among agents across a team based on their workload.

Improve performance metrics

Keep a tab on all key metrics such as first response time, average response time, and chat resolution time. Get visual insights to help your teams succeed. Optimize the areas your teams are struggling with and make data-driven decisions to increase your college’s revenue.

Support existing students and alumnus

Use Freshchat to engage with faculty members, existing students, or alumnus. Talk to logged-in members and resolve their queries in no time. With continuous chat history, get full access to previous conversations (from where they left off last time) and chat more proactively.