Why embed chat on your website?

Embedding a chat tool like Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat) in your website makes it easier for your customers to connect with you. Generally, customers interact with you across several channels before they make a purchase decision and embedding chat in your website enables the customer journey in a big way. Proactively chatting with a visitor on your website, more so at the right time on the right page, can improve your sales conversion. For instance, if a visitor is on the pricing page of your website, then you can proactively trigger a conversation to help them understand your pricing model.

embed chat embed chat

How embedding chat can get you closer to your customer

Customer feedback

When you embed a chat tool like Freshdesk Messaging on your website, it enables you to trigger in-app surveys to collect feedback and suggestions for the customer experience you currently offer to your customers and helps you improve on it. Chatting with your customers helps you go that extra mile in understanding how your customers are using your product and how you can improve your product adoption.

New customer onboarding

One of the primary use cases for embedding a chat on your website is to improve the onboarding experience of new customers. Chat tools can help new customers get acquainted to your product quickly by helping them with in-app FAQs, knowledge base, videos, and more.  More importantly, the chat tool helps you nurture your customers in a non-intrusive manner.


Embedding Freshdesk Messaging in your website also means you can go a step further than most website chat tools in the market. Its CoBrowsing feature allows you to take control of your customer’s screen to resolve a query whenever required and also have a voice conversation with them in parallel.

Website chat for customer support

Embedding a chat option on your website can help improve the customer’s trust in your organization a great deal majorly because it helps them reach your support team instantaneously compared to an email or a phone call. The chat tool on your website makes your customer support proactive, i.e., instead of a customer trying to reach out to your support team when they have an issue, your chat tool can proactively trigger a relevant conversation based on what page of your customer support the customer is on.

embed chat in website for support embed chat in website for support

Achieve customer success with Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat)

Be where the customers are

Freshdesk Messaging allows you to chat with your customers across Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack to help you manage all conversations from within Freshdesk Messaging.

Help your customers help themselves with self-service options

Not every customer might want to reach out to your support agent for resolving their issues. They might want to resolve their issues on the go and hence it’s important for you to offer self-service options. Freshdesk Messaging offers the ability to suggest relevant FAQs, knowledge base articles, and videos based on the customer’s context while on your website or support portal.