Messenger 2.0 

Give your website, product, and app the power of a modern messenger that sells, educates, and supports.

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Create focussed message threads like billing, delivery, demo etc that connects customers to experts.

In-messenger FAQs

Bring self-service inside your messenger. Remove silos and help users help themselves faster.

Team member avatar

Put a face to your name, add a bio, and link your social media profiles to keep conversations personal.

Rich media support

When words are not enough, use images, emojis, stickers, GIFs, PDFs and documents to do the talking.

Multilingual messenger

The right words make or break the game. Customize what your messenger says by choosing from 33+ languages.


Engage, sell, and support from anywhere on the web with the chrome extension.

Away messages

Send a message when your team is offline. Support it with rich media - images or emoji.

Messaging channels

Be where your customers expect you to be

Whatsapp for Business

Take your business on a platform used by over 1.5 billion users using Whatsapp Business API by Freshchat

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Apple Business Chat

Enable customers to reach your business directly via Messages from their iOS device.

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Line Messenger

Integrate Line seamlessly with Freshchat to build great user conversational experience.

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Facebook Messenger

Engage with customers on your Facebook page and use Freshchat to manage those conversations.

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Include Freshchat messenger on your website or product to drive engagement.

Mobile SDK

Enable in-app chat using Freshchat's Android, iOS and React Native SDK


Automate with Bots and AI

Freddy Answers

Support your customers 24*7 with instant and precise answers.

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Freddy Custom Bot

Create no-code bot flows to meet your acquisition and engagement goals.

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Send proactive messages based on behavior, usage, and more for lead generation or customer engagement.

Triggered messages

Drive visitors to sign up for your product, check out items added to the cart, subscribe to your newsletter, and more.

In-app messages

Schedule proactive messages that get delivered to users inside your app —  web and mobile.

Email campaigns

Reach people even outside your product experience. Trigger or schedule emails to engage prospects and customers based on the rules you define.

Event and user properties

Use default user properties like geography or create custom events like item added to the cart and personalize messages to the T.

Campaign insights

Measure your campaign performance —  sent, seen, and reply rates. Analyze and repeat.


Segment users based on their behavior, geography, and actions they perform or don’t perform.

Chrome notifications

Send In-app campaigns even when your users are not inside the app with desktop notifications.


Schedule a campaign in real-time or select a specific time and date when it needs to be triggered.

Trigger options

Trigger more than once for emphasis or only once to be non-spammy. You can also choose to not trigger outside your team’s business hours and / when your team is in the middle of a conversation with the visitor.

Team Inbox

Everything you and your team needs to manage conversations at scale

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Read Receipts

Give team members clarity on the status of the conversation by displaying the read status.

Custom Views

Filter conversations by team members, groups, and message channels, and save those view for quick access.


Pull data from external apps like your CRM or marketing automation tool or push data to these apps for added context on the lead.

Canned Response

Create predefined responses for the most commonly asked questions. Save time, optimize response rate, and increase CSAT.


Track and categorize conversations by adding labels to them.

Private Notes

Take pointers, log updates, record learnings. Share this with your team for collective learning.

Desktop Notifications

Alert and notify both visitors and team members of messages when they are inactive or have navigated to other pages.

Multiple business hours

Set up multiple business hours for teams across geos, add breaks, and set up away messages.

Bulk Actions

Segment, assign, resolve, and respond to multiple conversations in a single action.


Guide users remotely by accessing their screen and talking to them — for sales, onboarding, or support

File attachments and quick access

Send and receive files across several extensions. Create a repository of files on your Freshchat account for quick sharing with prospects or customers.

Unlimited contacts

Contacts are leads and users who chat with you. Save and access their data even as your website traffic grows.

Events Timeline

Get full history of your visitor’s navigation on your site across months, days, and time of the day.

Away Experience

Set the right expectations with customers while you're away. Prompt them to leave detailed descriptions providing agents with context once they are back online.


Self-service support, right inside the live chat

Explore self-service
In-messenger FAQs

Bring self-service inside your messenger. Remove silos and help users help themselves faster.

Multilingual FAQs

Extend self-help to visitors in the language they prefer. Create FAQs in 33+ languages.

FAQ Insights

Improve your FAQ content with user feedback - upvotes, downvotes, and subjective feedback.


Assign conversations to the right people at scale 

Explore routing

Route conversations based on skill levels of your team members, their availability, and current chat load.


Bring team members together by creating groups based on their expertise. Route conversations to members inside these groups. 

Assignment Rules

Assign conversations to specific team members or groups based on pre-set conditions like chat keywords, language, user properties, time of day, and more.


Measure. Act. Repeat. 

Explore insights
Real-time Dashboard

Get a visual summary of your team’s performance. Measure the speed of response, conversation trends, resolution time, and deep dive into any team member’s workload.

CSAT report

Find out if it was a yay or nay for your team with individual CSAT ratings and subjective feedback on them.

Team member report

Learn how team members fare with response and resolution rates, CSAT ratings, and chat volume.

Helpdesk report

Track productivity metrics, conversation trends, and more. Download the report for later access.

Labels report

Keep track of conversations by their label name. Identify roadblocks, allocate resources, and more.


The best of all worlds, in one place

Explore integrations

Convert incoming conversations into messages on a specific Slack channel. Respond to conversations right from Slack.

Facebook Messenger

Reach people at scale on their favorite messaging app from inside Freshchat. Connect multiple Facebook pages and route chats on different pages to different teams.

Clearbit Reveal

Replace forms with the ClearBit Integration. Personalize your messages based on your visitor’s company size, industry, and activity on social profiles.


Convert conversations coming in on Freshchat as tickets on Zendesk. Manage and respond to Freshchat conversations through the Zendesk inbox.

Freshworks Ecosystem

Freshdesk: Bring a messenger right inside Freshdesk. Respond to chats and tickets from the same place.

Freshsales: Initiate conversations with leads who are online with a messenger right inside Freshsales.


Use Freshchat on your Wordpress site to engage with visitors and readers. Trigger messages based on visitor behavior - encourage them to share your new travel story or give feedback on the latest recipe you have published.


Install Freshchat on your Shopify store to support shoppers in real time and reduce cart abandonment.


Take your messenger beyond the web to the place your leads and users spend the maximum screen time

Explore mobile
In-app chat

Create multiple chat threads inside your app for focussed conversations that connect customers to experts.

Push notifications

Send proactive campaigns to users when they are not inside your app with push notifications.

Mobile app for team members

Sell and support on the fly with the Android and iOS mobile app.

Native FAQs

Allow users to browse for FAQs right inside your app rather than navigating to a siloed help center.

Trade live chat software for modern messaging