Employ chatbots to support your team

Adopt an automation-first customer support strategy to mitigate workforce shortage during this crisis. Be available 24x7 with AI chatbots increasing CSAT and customer retention.

Top use cases of automation and chatbots in Finserv:
  • Deliver self-service with precise answers
  • Retrieving account balances and information
  • Process payments
  • Find nearest ATM/bank branch
Discover chat Discover chat

Bring the bank to your customers

Increase customer retention by making it easier for your customers to reach you. 


Extend support on channels customers are familiar with like iMessages (Apple Business Chat), WhatsApp, FB Messenger.


Customers can also receive important updates, regulatory messages, payment alerts from the banks on these messaging apps.

  • Freshdesk Messaging is a verified partner of Apple and Facebook

Reduce call volumes by shifting to messaging

Shift your support to asynchronous messaging channels improving agent concurrency.

  • Serve customers at scale, while still remaining personal
  • Reduce voice support costs by shifting to messaging
  • Intercept calls before they reach your IVR queue on Apple Business Chat using 'Chat Suggest'
  • Deflect calls from IVR to WhatsApp
  • Increase CSAT by reducing wait times
Discover-chat suggest Discover-chat suggest

Personalize customer service

  • Empower your team with detailed, real-time info and activity to assist customers effectively, improving customer satisfaction
  • Bring in additional context from third-party systems like your Bank CRM
Personalized customer service Personalized customer service


Secure your business and customer data

✓GDPR ✓IP and domain whitelisting ✓JWT Authentication ✓Data encryption ✓Cyber Essentials

Freshdesk Messaging security Freshdesk Messaging security


Invest in better relationships with your customers today 

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