Live-chat on website, mobile app and Whatsapp
AI chatbots for instant response
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Reduce call volumes with
live-chat and WhatsApp

If your phone lines are backed up with anxious patients, you can route the traffic to live-chat and bots. Continue to serve your patients at scale and ease the load on your team.

  • Deploy live-chat on your website, and to messaging channels like WhatsApp
  • Deflect phone calls to chat with “IVR deflection”
  • Use answer bots to address frequently asked questions and to provide information

Deploy self-assessment bots

Our chatbots can help you manage the load with automatic answers to common questions, and custom flows like COVID-19 self-assessments, information collection, and guidance to the right healthcare center. Ensure your patients have the right information as soon as they need it.

  • Help patients find information and FAQs with answer bots
  • Assess patients and book appointments using conversational chatbots
  • Collect patient information, symptoms, and travel history to triage effectively
  • Offer instant guidance by routing patients to the right healthcare center

Share updates on messaging channels

With lockdowns in place, you can maintain an open line of communication with your patients on digital channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

  • Extend your self-service and bots to patients' messaging channels
  • Send updates and notifications like appointment confirmations, examination updates, and more to patients