Messaging Channels

Support from your customers' pockets

Make it easier for customers to reach you by engaging them directly on messaging channels they use everyday - WhatsApp, iMessage, FB Messenger, and Line.


Customers can also receive important updates, regulatory messages, payment alerts from the banks on these messaging apps.


AI Bots and automation

Keep your AI on CX

Today’s customer holds the power in business relationships. They demand seamless experience and support that is available 24x7. Deliver cutting-edge CX that increases team productivity, improves CSAT, and lowers operational costs.


Top use cases of automation and chatbots in Finserv:

  • Deliver self-service with precise answers
  • Retrieving account balances and information
  • Check backend status on card & loan applications
  • Process payments 

Our bots escalate only complex queries from bots to live-agents. As a result, your agents are freed up from repetitive, mundane queries and can focus their time on work that's impactful


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Upsell customers with targeted messaging

Increase adoption of your financial products and offerings by proactive messaging the right audience segment.


Further segment your audience with advanced custom user and event properties.


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Personalize customer service

  • Empower your team with detailed, real-time info and activity to assist customers effectively, improving customer satisfaction

  • Bring in additional context from third-party systems like your Bank CRM

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Secure your business and customer data

✓GDPR ✓IP and domain whitelisting ✓JWT Authentication ✓Data encryption ✓Cyber Essentials

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Invest in better relationships with your customers today 

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