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Connect with your customers on
Facebook Messenger

Enable your customers on Facebook to reach your right from where they are

Get started at a moment’s notice

  • Connecting your Facebook page with your Freshdesk Messaging account is simple, instant, and safe.
  • Route all messages from your Facebook pages to one Freshdesk Messaging Inbox.
  • Read, respond, and manage your customer service from one place. 
Getting started with Facebook integration to Freshchat

One Freshdesk Messaging account for all your Facebook messages

  • Make life easier by connecting all your Facebook pages to your Freshdesk Messaging account
  • If you ever need to stop, you can quickly disconnect a page. Simply toggle it off
Connecting multiple Facebook pages to one Freshchat account

Make the most of experts and bots on your team

  • Route your Facebook messages from Facebook to specific Freshdesk Messaging groups
  • Improve deflection by deploying bots on your Facebook channel
  • Assign chats to agents or to bots based on the choice of the Facebook page
Routing incoming messages from Facebook to Freshchat groups

Start seeing results in real-time

  • Read, respond, and manage messages from your customers in one place
  • Make use of canned responses and FAQs to offer effortless digital customer service
  • Get insights into your Facebook conversations without leaving your Freshdesk Messaging account
Analytics for Facebook on Freshchat

Freshdesk Messaging makes business on Facebook successful

Enable your customers on Facebook to reach your right from where they are

All in one inbox

Brings conversations from web, mobile, and social messengers under one inbox

Integrate with your familiar apps

Connects with payments, order management, or CRM tools for real-time conversations on order updates, refunds, and more

Privacy and security

Secure with OTP authentication, privacy modes, HIPAA and GDPR compliance

Manage multiple business hours

for your support teams working across different regions, times or time zones.

Support customers worldwide

with our Live Translate feature. Also, our agent platform and customer messenger supports over 32 languages.

Control agent access

with advanced Roles and Permissions. Create special privileges and profiles that specify what an agent can see and do

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