Authorize, control, and connect from within Freshchat


If you have a TeamViewer account, you can authorize by giving in your credentials, connect to your account, and start engaging in TeamViewer sessions, all inside of the Freshchat inbox. 


Authorize and connect to TeamViewer within the Freshchat inbox


Improve customer satisfaction by hand-holding them through complex glitches

Your customers might require your help at various stages of using your product or service. There are times when the issue is so complex that it’s best resolved by providing the quick remote assistance and properly hand-holding them. Access your client’s workstation from within Freshchat’s inbox and do the deed as soon as they reach out to you. 



Access your client's session within Freshchat using TeamViewer Integration

Reduce downtown by troubleshooting instantly

With Freshchat’s TeamViewer integration, agents can initiate a TeamViewer session directly from the inbox with the click of a button. Agents can save a ton of time by avoiding alt-tabbing through different applications and focus on what really matters — assisting the customers. 


Start a remote session at one click within Freshchat using the integration