Bring customers closer to your business 
with Freshchat

Bring customers closer to your business 
with Freshchat

Onboard new users

Help new customers explore your product deeply. Offer product tour, video tutorials, etc.

Increase product usage

Talk to users from within your product – announce a new feature or nudge them to try it out.

Get feedback

Use in-app campaigns to run short surveys or ask for suggestions to improve your product.

Drive repeat purchase

Use historical context to wow returning customers. Offer discounts personalized for them.

Fire up your customer support. 
Wow more, churn less.

Route tasks intelligently

Use Freshchat’s IntelliAssign feature to auto-assign conversations to agents or teams based on their workload and skill levels. Even out the pressure across your teams.

Converse With Context

With SmartPlugs, pull all the user context (e.g. location, social profile, etc.) from external apps and systems right inside your dashboard to know a customer better.

Measure Metrics, Refine, Repeat

Use Freshchat’s dashboard to measure team performance, conversation trends, chat volume, and average resolution time. Generate reports to take data-driven decisions.

Create a customer experience that’s 
clear, responsive, and powerful

Create a customer experience that’s easy-to-follow and responsive

Ease their navigation

Use topic-based Message Channels to categorize conversations (e.g., refunds, feedback), route customers to the right page and team, or set right expectations.

Hand them the platter

Deflect common queries with an integrated FAQ and search experience built inside the messenger, and native FAQs on mobile.

Multiply your power

Get the best of all worlds by integrating Freshchat with your favorite apps. Leverage your software stack, automate data, and reduce busywork.

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