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About David Apple

David Apple is the General Manager - US and VP of Customer Success at Typeform. As a part of customer success, he also heads the sales, account management, customer support, and prospecting functions.

An insider look at how Typeform approaches customer success and sales

At Typeform everything is centered around the customer and you will concur when you hear this: The customer success division in the company is responsible for sales, account management, and prospecting functions. And to evoke your curiosity a little further, the sales team operates without any quotas or commissions.

David Apple, General Manager - US and VP of Customer Success at Typeform joins us to talk about how his team operates, competition, difficult customers, hiring for customer success, and the journey from football (Barcelona) to American football (Silicon Valley).

Listener notes

[00.23] -- Net retention has done more harm than good
[01.20] -- Customer success is the champion of net retention, not owner
[02.18] -- If you’re looking for a push sales guy, I am not your guy.
[03.35] -- Sales team not commissioned at Typeform (to avoid negative incentive)
[04.37] -- If self-service is what customers want, let it be
[05.33] -- Typeform is more inward focussed
[07.15] -- Breakdown of an email response to an unhappy customer 
[08.25] -- How to deal with an unhappy social-savvy customer 
[10.15] -- Proactive customer service: From firefighting to fire prevention
[13.05] -- The SURF concept at Typeform
[13.45] -- From Football to American Football (Barcelona to Silicon Valley)
[16.41] -- Hiring for customer success (The great customer success skills are not so scalable) 
[18.40] -- Dan Steinman
[19.17] -- High Output Management - Andrew Grove 
[19.48] -- Harvard Business Review on Managing Yourself 
[20.04] -- Spin Selling