This guide will help you understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the ecommerce customer journey. You will learn about how ecommerce companies can further personalize and improve the customer journey, and design the role of AI in Customer Experience. We’ll also provide an in-depth case study on ecommerce giant Alibaba’s use of AI, and run through the benefits and pitfalls of AI.

This ebook will help you comprehend the following:

  • The significance of AI in the ecommerce industry
  • Personalizing the customer journey with AI
  • Designing the role of AI in customer experience
  • How ecommerce can use AI to improve the customer journey
  • Role of AI in the ecommerce customer funnel
  • Current pitfalls of AI in the customer experience

Additionally, this ebook will also talk about how major ecommerce industry leaders like Uber, Alibaba, Spotify and Netflix use AI.

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