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Shuttle Delivery was born out of a merger between two smaller companies who sought out to tackle South Korea’s demand for online food delivery in 2016. They quickly found a foothold as one of South Korea’s premium delivery services chosen by ex-pats, foreign students, and up-scale neighborhoods who showed interest in trying out international cuisines, from their homes. 

As a growing business, Shuttle Delivery found its niche by offering excellent customer service to every customer who ordered food through their app. Customers could select their meal and get it delivered at their doorstep by a Shuttle Delivery partner and could reach out to the customer service team, should they have any questions. To ensure that every customer gets the attention they deserve, Shuttle Delivery offered four customer support options - Phone, Facebook, KakaoTalk, and Email. 

As a growing business, Shuttle Delivery was able to manage its customer service at it’s low volume interactions with the channels listed above.  As they grew they needed a solution that could simplify customer service with the help of a unified software channel. We spoke to Jason Boutte, CEO, Shuttle Delivery to understand why they chose Freshdesk Messaging as their go-to customer service platform and how it helped them unify their customer service. 


A Catch-all Solution

When offering a varied number of service options, Jason’s team noticed that customer queries were falling through the cracks. The customer service (CS) team at Shuttle Delivery had three requirements: 

  • Offer responses within minutes

  • Get customer statuses quickly

  • Request and collect timely feedback 

They needed a solution that could combine these necessities. Jason said, “We wanted a catch-all solution where the channel was very simple to navigate for our CS team. The phone channel was a major hurdle because they (the agents) would be caught on phone calls for too long. So we just wanted something that would simplify the support process. The team identified that chat and customer messaging was an ideal channel to provide this experience.  

Jason and his team vetted 7-8 customer messaging software and decided to go with Freshdesk Messaging as their primary point of communication. “The biggest thing was that Freshdesk Messaging’s tech stack was quite easy for implementation compared to some of the other ones out there. And obviously cost was also a very big factor for why we chose Freshdesk Messaging.”

With Freshdesk Messaging’s implementation, Shuttle Delivery minimized its customer service options. Currently, the team offers only three options to customers. 80% of queries are received from Freshdesk Messaging, 15% from Facebook (which is directly sent to Freshdesk Messaging’s team inbox), and 5% from KakaoChat. Additionally, with Freshdesk Messaging, the team could offer a better customer experience without increasing the number of agents. 

Shuttle delivery receives the most queries at their peak hours on Friday evening. They receive  15-25 queries per hour during this time with most customers seeking order statuses. To keep up with this volume the team relies heavily on Freshdesk Messaging’s canned responses feature, which is quickly sent to the customers based on their requests. The canned responses also help maintain an agent concurrency of 2-3 chats at any given time. The team has also set up FAQ sections for customers to find answers on their own via self-service. With the help of these features, the average resolution time per chat is now just 3 to 5 minutes! 

Shuttle-delivery-freshchat Shuttle-delivery-freshchat

Shuttle Deliveries Facebook Messenger that has been integrated with Freshdesk Messaging.

The team also maximizes efficiency by assigning tickets accurately to agents using the team inbox. The agents pick up conversations based on the source - either from a vendor or customer, removing any overlap in the information exchanged. Customers also choose to use Shuttle Delivery as they offer customer service in both English and Korean with Freshdesk Messaging’s multilingual platform. 

Next Steps with Freshdesk Messaging (Formerly Freshchat)

Jason and his team are looking forward to integrating chatbots as a way to minimize routine queries. This way the CS team will be able to focus on larger issues that guarantee higher customer satisfaction. The team is also looking at leveraging chat to send proactive messages from the app to customers as a way to share information and to gather more feedback. In closing, it is clear that Shuttle Delivery is ramping up to be the number one choice for delivering gourmet cuisine in South Korea and Freshdesk Messaging is helping them get there sooner