What’s changing in retail and e-commerce?

1. Offline buying is being reimagined

Buyers are looking for safe and reliable purchase and post-purchase experiences 

2. Digitization of commerce is up for an upgrade

Shoppers want to discover, evaluate, buy, and ask for support from accessible digital channels 

3. Brands need to ramp up, now

Brands are still behind the race with dispersed context and tools across offline, web, mobile, and social commerce

The 3 commerce shifts are giving rise to 3 new customer engagement solutions

Commerce that is contactless


"Shop online, and pick up at the store” or “click and collect” is making offline and local commerce safe, economical, and reliable. Contactless commerce shops grew revenue by 27% in Q1 2020 when compared to 13% growth for stores not offering these shopping options.

Commerce that is convenient


As we spend more time on mobile and social media apps, we also expect to talk to brands, evaluate them, and get sales and post-sales support on these channels. Mobile and social commerce — with a heavy mind and screen share, would lead the convenience change. 

Commerce that is contextual

Reliable and transparent customer experience is the need of the hour. Heavy demand in commerce segments are accompanied by spikes in call volumes, emails, social media DMs that leave sales and support agents burdened. 

Brands often use dispersed tools for these communication channels that scatters customer data — leaving teams on the frontline, lost, and stressed.