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 Meet your customers where they are

Customers today have the option of engaging through a number of channels – traditional (i.e. phone and email) and digital (i.e. website, app, livechat, etc.). It’s hard to predict their journey and they expect to be able to switch channels at any point. Thus it becomes important for insurers to adopt an omnichannel approach to support. 

This can help insurers to: 

  • connect experience across multiple channels and deliver a seamless customer experience
  • reduce operational complexities due to managing multiple channels
  • reduce resolution time, improve NPS and CSAT, and unify customer context for agents



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Use the power of collaborative ticketing

Collaboration through technology can ease the load on your agents, enabling them to provide superior customer experiences. 

With collaborative ticketing your customer service team can: 

  • share ownership of tickets without losing visibility

  • split tickets with several tasks into sub-tickets for multiple teams to work on them in parallel

  • keep track of tickets related to similar issues and send bulk updates to customers

  • use AI-powered insights to automate mundane, repetitive tasks and save time



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Let data lead the way

It’s important to stay on top of your team’s performance and customer service KPIs. By leveraging handcrafted reports, you can help your team:

  • get an instant overview of their day-to-day tasks and better insights into customer satisfaction

  • easily understand large volumes of data and present it with rich visuals and vibrant colors 

  • get visibility into the tickets that require immediate attention

  • build reports from scratch and customize them to suit your requirements 



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Optimize for speed and safety

Use the right technology to increase agent productivity, deliver unified experiences, and manage customer data responsibly. 

The need of the hour is to find a platform that helps insurers:

  • streamline support operations and securely digitize legacy insurance processes with flexible APIs and 650+ one-click integrations

  • restrict login access outside of work by whitelisting only office network addresses

  • comply with data security regulations like HIPAA and GDPR



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