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Freshworks Awards The Champions of Delight at its Annual Customer Conference

Global awards program at Refresh recognizes customers using Freshworks products to deliver delightful employee and customer experiences

Las Vegas and San Mateo, Calif November 11, 2021

 Freshworks Inc. (NASDAQ: FRSH), a leading software company empowering businesses to delight their customers and employees, today announced the winners of its inaugural customer awards, at its annual user conference, Refresh. 

Exceptional customer service is more crucial than ever to the longevity and reputation of a brand.  Due to the instant fulfillment of ecommerce, customers will no longer tolerate excuses, delays or mistakes and expect that companies deliver and delight on every channel -- and consumers are bringing their high expectations of service into the workplace.

To honor its most exceptional users who are routinely exceeding their employee and customer expectations, Freshworks recognized PhonePe, Restaurant365, Multichoice, AmEx Global Business Travel, Alterra Mountain Company and Hume Community Housing across three categories: 

Delightful Customer Experience

This category recognizes organizations who exemplify customer delight and provide stellar support experiences using Freshdesk.  The Pioneer Award recognizes a customer who has demonstrated the most innovative and creative application Freshdesk to power customer delight, while pairing with apps, integration or other customisation. The Game Changer Award recognizes a customer who has derived significant business value from implementing Freshdesk in the form of improved customer service metrics, employee satisfaction, ROI or efficiency gains. 

 - Restaurant 365 was awarded as a Pioneer for bringing its average customer support response time down from nearly four hours to under 45 minutes by building a heavily customized installation of the Freshworks tool suite, including portal customization and Freshdesk Messaging customization through API calls, which power the company’s current customer touch points.

 - Multichoice was awarded as a Pioneer for achieving its customer 360 vision which enables their support center of 2,300 agents with real-time subscriber support information across the entire organization ranging from care, finance, second line support, and others.  Multichoice has broken new ground by adopting AI and machine learning into the customer experience. 

 - PhonePe was awarded as a game changer for delivering an exceptional omnichannel experience to its customers by automating and resolving most of its customer service inquiries without human intervention. 

Delightful Employee Experience 

This category recognizes customers who have provided impeccable IT service support to internal employees using Freshservice.  The Pioneer Award recognizes organizations that have devised the most effective and innovative solution to a challenging service-related issue, with novel applications, integrations and custom applications built around Freshservice.  The Game Changer award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated significant commitment to best-practice frameworks and markedly improved the efficiency, value and effectiveness of the company’s IT services. 

 - Amex Global Business Travel was awarded as a Pioneer for its use of Freshservice to provide a delightful user and agent experience while simplifying the overall service management processes at a lower cost of total ownership for the business.

 - Alterra Mountain Company was awarded as a game changer for its use of Freshservice across its 16 resorts in North America for a more integrated internal IT and employee experience. 

 - Schoeller Allibert was awarded as a game changer for its ability to improve satisfaction scores across the company after adopting Freshservice in multiple business units to improve the IT service experience and resolve employee queries more quickly.

Freshworks for Good

This category recognizes an organization who has innovated and used Freshworks products to achieve positive change in their community.  This can include projects centered around crisis response, charity activities, environmental support, community outreach or diversity and inclusion initiatives.

 - Hume Community Housing in New South Wales,  Australia was selected as the Freshworks for Good Award Winner for its rapid omnichannel service to more than 9,000 customers seeking housing assistance.  Launched during Covid, Freshdesk, Freshservice and Freshchat help Hume Community Housing manage and automate a wide variety of customer and employee requests, enabling them to focus on their mission of tackling homelessness by providing safe, secure and affordable housing and helping to build a more stable and prosperous future for every customer.

About Freshworks

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