Why educational technology organizations need CRM

As an EdTech company, you aim to make learning more accessible and erase the restrictions of old school classrooms. But, to go beyond revolutionizing education, you cannot depend on spreadsheets and age-old CRMs that hold you back.

Wait, why not? 

Every student who visits your website is looking for something different. Some may want to upgrade their professional skills while some may want to enroll for courses as a hobby.

Your sales reps should be able to understand the difference in order to nurture and maintain good relationships so that the students come back to you for more courses.

But, while your sales team is struggling to shift between spreadsheets, emails, phone, and a dozen other applications, prospective leads fall through the cracks.

Education CRM

And to expand your horizons, you need to know where your leads are coming from, attribute them to the right sources, store all their details in an easily accessible place, identify the most interested leads, make quick sales, and ultimately boost your revenue.

To make all this possible, you need Freshsales that is specifically made for the education industry. Freshsales allows you to manage all your information effortlessly with a 360𝆩 view, gain better context about their prospects, view complete timeline of your prospect’s engagement with your business, brings together multiple platforms under one roof, and lets you track your sales cycle from prospecting to closure.

How Freshsales can help

Freshsales is an intuitive CRM system with a simple and clean interface that lets you get work done without having to wander around the tool. 

What’s in Freshsales CRM?

Automate and reduce data entry

An average sales rep spends about 20% time entering data in the CRM. As a leader, you would want your sales team to focus most of their time on selling, but you also want an up-to-date CRM database to manage your operations. Achieve that balance with an education CRM that takes care of data entry for you. With Freshsales, you can

  • Automatically capture and save information of prospects who reach out to you via email, live chat, and web forms
  • Automatically enrich prospect profiles with their social media information and save your sales reps’ time that is spent on research
  • Migrate data from other CRM systems effortlessly and do away with the hours of manual data entry
  • Import and export customer and business details from spreadsheets.

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Drive meaningful conversations

Your salespeople must be empowered with the intricate details needed to engage students and handhold them in finding their perfect course. A student management software like Freshsales can help you have those meaningful conversations by 

  • Unifying every record across the prospect and customer lifecycle in one place
  • A quick summary of emails, phone records, and engagement history with prospects and customers
  • Displaying quick summary of primary contact information, notes, tasks, and appointments
  • Laying down their chronological timeline—page visits, email engagement, the courses offered to them, and more
  • Identifying and prioritizing leads who are most interested in the courses based on their interactions with your website and email, using AI-based lead scoring.

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Tailor for your needs

As your business grows, you have to tweak or change your sales and business process. The right CRM should blend in with your business ecosystem by letting you customize it for your needs. You should be able to

  • Create custom input fields and web forms that fit your unique business needs
  • Mark the required fields and gather all the important student information
  • Create custom filters that fetch details by last contacted time, activity type, and more
  • Create multiple deals pipelines, each with customized and relevant deal stages.

Get the word out about your courses 

As you keep adding new courses to your library, some could turn out to be very popular, while some may not do all that well—one reason being people haven’t heard about it enough. 

Spread the word about the lessons by sending out bulk emails to students. But don’t just stop there—set up follow-up sequences with more interesting courses or offers based on their engagement with your emails. 

With sales sequences in a course management software like Freshsales, you can

  • Create sequences based on activity or time-based triggers
  • Decide from a list of email templates, device follow-up cadences, schedule email delivery time and select when leads exit the campaign
  • Track how your emails are performing and create the perfect outreach for your audience.

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Stay on top of your tasks

Studies show that sales reps spend 64% of their time in activities that do not generate revenue. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and boost their productivity using intelligent workflows. You can automatically

  • Send reminder emails of upcoming courses
  • Send welcome and birthday emails
  • Update CRM fields
  • Assign prospects to the right sales reps using territories.

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Gain insights with smart reports

Scale your business by tracking and optimizing your sales process end to end. Using sales reports, you can also cut through the noise and understand precisely where your sales stand and measure

  • Which channel brings the most number of students
  • The performance of your sales team
  • Popular courses that are driving revenue and ones that need a push.

You can create reports and export them as CSV or PDF, create a dashboard to gain instant visibility on key sales metrics, and even schedule these reports to be mailed to you at regular intervals.

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Enjoy a one-stop solution

Reduce the sales hassle by bringing in multiple applications under one window. Freshsales brings the three most used channels together—email, phone, and live chat—connecting this data in one screen. 

It brings together internal teams—sales, support, and marketing—around a single, shared view of customer data.

With Freshsales, you can improve collaboration, align your teams, break internal silos to deliver tailored customer experiences, and build deeper relationships with your customers.

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