Your real estate property clients have unique requirements while hunting for their perfect space.

To ensure a smooth customer experience for them, your realtors and marketing folks must not only understand their needs but must also be in sync at all times. But unfortunately, they can often be at loggerheads about ideal customer persona, lead quality, key campaigns, lead sources, revenue attribution, etc.

As a result, your prospects and customers hear two different voices from your company.

And to complicate it further, these teams also use different software to carry out their daily work and track data causing internal data silos and unorganized data. While your marketing teams have half the customer knowledge, your realtors know only the rest, and hardly the complete picture. 

At the end of the day, your teams are in disagreement, the customer experience is broken, and you don’t have the clarity needed to make smart, revenue-boosting decisions. 

The solution?

Freshsales, with sales force and marketing automation, keeps your sales and marketing teams on the same page by showing the entire contact lifecycle, from click to close, on a single platform. You can now identify which source brings you the best quality leads, maximize your efforts, and attribute your ROI to the right source every time.


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Real Estate: What Freshsales can do for you


Engage in contextual conversations

Your real estate agents deal with multiple prospects at a time, each at different stages of closure. And most of your potential clients expect their realtors to act as advisors throughout the buying process. As your agents juggle multiple clients, properties, and tools, it becomes a struggle to get full context about the client’s requirements in a moment’s time.  

A real estate contact management system, such as Freshsales, provides a unified view of all your clients, their ongoing deals, and interactions with your company on a single panel. The AI-powered assistant, Freddy, helps your agents prioritize prospects by ranking them based on their engagement with your business. Freddy also suggests the next best actions to take to drive conversations further. Knowing who are most interested, your agents can now view

  • Quick summary of essential information such as name, company and contact information
  • Email and chat conversations and phone recordings with prospects
  • A chronological view of prospects’ engagement with your business
  • Upcoming appointments and tasks to be completed
  • Website activities such as pages they visited and marketing material downloaded
  • Emails and newsletters sent to them by the marketing team

And more contextual information that would enable personalized conversations to drive closure.

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Unified view screenshot Unified view screenshot

Stay on top of deals and forecast revenue accurately

As a real estate company, you might have listings across the city or possibly the country. But each real estate project is unique in terms of location, features, pricing, and other offerings. Combining all your projects could lead to a crowded pipeline that clutters your view. It becomes difficult to prioritize, manage, and track these listings’ progress, and you could miss out on high-value deals. 

Freshsales, the premier real estate CRM, allows you to create multiple pipelines based on your preference. The AI-powered assistant, Freddy, identifies and tags deals with “Likely-to-close,” “Trending,” “At-risk,” and “Gone cold” based on recent activities. This helps your real estate agents to prioritize their pipeline better. 

You and your agents can get insights into every stage of the deal attached to a property, forecast sales, identify bottlenecks, and make decisions on where to focus your efforts better. 

Deals Dashboard Deals Dashboard

Tailor for your business

As your company grows with the ever-expanding list of properties, you need a real estate CRM that grows with you. Freshsales allows you to truly make it your own by creating custom modules—a dedicated space to capture and track information about your business solutions.

For example, as a real estate company, you could create a custom module for your property listings with each property’s description, pricing, discount structures, etc. As your properties grow, you could update this module, and it gives the status of each property. You could further tailor this module by

  • Creating custom fields to store relevant data, such as “square foot” to capture the size of a property
  • Establish a link with other modules. For example, ‘Contact interested’ can be linked to the contacts module to show you the prospects interested in the property.
  • Assign realtors to every property on the module
  • Configure module-level permission based on hierarchies and roles
CRM customization screenshot CRM customization screenshot

Capture clients into the CRM automatically

Your prospects may pour in from different channels. While some may browse through your website for properties and chat with your realtors, some may just fill-up a form or write an email asking for more information. 

Manage prospects from different sources on a real estate CRM software, like Freshsales, that automatically captures the clients’ information. Once the leads are captured, their social and public information are auto-enriched. Now your agents can directly jump into action, armed with the primary information they need.

Freshsales  real estate CRM can also auto-assign your prospects to the right agent based on the geography, lead source, etc., in a fair and round-robin fashion. Now, you do not only get rid of manually assigning leads, but you can also boost your lead response time.

crm web forms screenshot crm web forms screenshot

Boost productivity with powerful automations

How many times have you seen your marketing folks and sales agents perform the same tasks repeatedly? Whether it’s mailing buyer contracts, sending property flyers, or making follow-up calls for payments, timeliness and consistency are key. Freshsales for real estate agents comes with automation capabilities allowing the system to

  • Schedule follow-up calls and emails for different scenarios, such as payment, prospecting, official document requirements, etc
  • Create and schedule automated, yet personalized newsletters and emails
  • Create tasks, reminders, and appointments
  • Seamlessly move deals across the pipeline
  • Update contact fields
  • Send invoices

And more, while your realtors can spend more time selling properties. 

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Follow up Automations Screenshot Follow up Automations Screenshot

Take smart decisions with insightful analytics

To make any critical decisions, you’ll need to know your team’s capability—top performers, targets vs. achieved, campaign performance, website traffic, etc. Knowing this helps you identify bottlenecks, find the reason for lost deals, or optimize your website. 

Freshsales software for real estate gives you real-time insights into business-critical metrics in a single dashboard and analyzes performance. You can also track the success of marketing nurture journeys, campaigns, their earnings, which client interaction is most profitable, and attribute marketing revenue to its right source every time. You can create custom dashboards for sales and marketing to view the numbers at a glance anytime or automate to send the reports to your inbox at regular intervals. 

Analytics Screenshot Analytics Screenshot

Access client data on the move

A typical day in a realtor’s life requires him/her to be on the move, even while responding to phone calls, sending emails, and attending open houses.

CRM that is also available as a mobile application that can help your agents be more productive.

Freshsales comes with an iOS and Android mobile app that allows realtors to

  • Know what properties and prospects to focus on each day
  • Stay up to date with real-time push notifications
  • Filter prospects by last contacted time, activity type, and more
  • Check-in at sales meetings and open houses to confirm their presence and keep the team in the loop
  • Add voice notes, and create tasks and appointments.
  • Book an Uber to the meetings.

All of this right from within the mobile real estate CRM.

Any change on the mobile app automatically syncs with the web application, so you can be assured that your information will always be up to date.

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What else can Freshsales do for your real estate agency

Say goodbye to stacks of files

Record and manage all your files from within the CRM. Integrate with e-signing applications to send, sign, and manage all your agreements, paperless.

Stay Secure

Freshsales is built with security at heart to secure your data and provide high resilience. Additionally, role-based access allows you to restrict data access based on your employees' hierarchy or role.

Send instant messages

SMS is faster than an email and yet less intrusive than a phone call. Freshsales allows you to SMS your prospects and clients from within the CRM.

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